Days when Bangladesh were ‘easy beats’ are long gone, says Kohli

Virat Kohli
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After an impressive win over South Africa in a do-or-die match, India reached the semi-finals of ICC Champions Trophy 2017. They will have to defeat Bangladesh in the semi-final 2 on Thursday to reach finals.

While many may be thinking that Bangladesh must be an easy target for the Indian side, but Indian skipper is not having the similar mindset. After seeing an unexpected defeat by the young Sri Lanka side, Virat Kohli will not be taking his semi-final opponent lightly. Also, the way Pakistan made their place in the finals in semi-final 1 on Wednesday proves that no team is weak and anything can happen in cricket.

Denying any guarantees of winning or loosing in cricket, the Indian skipper said, “As we’ve seen, a lot of teams have surprised the opposition and we’re certainly not taking anything for granted. Going into a big game like this, we’re going to treat it as how we treated the last game. Our mindset does not differ.”

Kohli admitted that Bangladesh is not a side that one can defeat easily and can give a tough competition to the other team.