Discomfort in Sporting federations, as Power Sportz declares the best Sport for 2018

Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz TV (www.powersportz.tv)

‘Talking Turkey’ is the weekly program aired on Power Sportz, (www.powersportz.tv) Indias first sports news channel, and is anchored by the Editor-in-chief, herself, Ms Kanthi D Suresh. There is no doubt that several sports were vying for the top spot for the year 2018 – and Kanthi, , on her show on 26 October, with Harpreet Kaur Lamba, Ex Asian Age Sports Journalist and Smit Singh, Skeet Shooter, declared the best sport for the year

Since the program went live, and the winner announced, there seems to be a difference of opinions and discomfort among various sporting federations, and an eagerness to know how Kanthi and PowerSportz were able to so categorically decide the winner. One wonders whether these apprehensions and outbursts seem rather out of context since sporting events are meant to cut across differences and nurture feelings of healthy competition. At least that was the spirit PowerSportz and Kanthi was trying to advocate on her program, ‘Talking Turkey’, a weekly show aired live every Friday at 8 pm

Kanthi has always paid close attention to all the micro specifics and statistics, put in hours of analysis, and only when she is sure, does she put together a program – and the same is true for this particular ‘conclusion’.

During the discussion, the charts and analysis clearly showed that one sport was leading the way –shooting. The honor to shooting is attributed to the performance particularly in the Youth Olympics and the World Championship

It is no surprise that the show and final announcement has invited some comments and reviews from the fraternity belonging to other sports. For instance: The former President of the Wrestling Federation of India and a Dronacharya Awardee, Raj Singh, believes that wrestling is a much more competitive sport, and physically more demanding than shooting. In addition, the number of competitive events in shooting is much higher, and given the performance of the wrestlers in Commonwealth games, Asian games and now World Championships, wrestling should ideally be voted as the Top Sport.

Reeth Abraham, a former Indian Athlete mentioned that 2018 has been a good year for Athletics, but did agree with PowerSportz with regard to Shooting being at the top and hence was happy that it was declared the best sport for 2018.

A bit disturbed with the ‘announcement’ is Dinesh Khanna, the former Asian Badminton Champion. He believes that badminton is undoubtedly the best sport, even though Shooting may have won more medals. This is so because Badminton is a lot more competitive as a higher number of nations take part in the event.

Shooters, Ronjan Singh Sodhi and Mansher Singh, both Arjuna Awardees, have agreed with PowerSportz and Kanthi since shooters have performed brilliantly in the current year and with their current form would be able to continue their winning streak.

We approached Kanthi to get her reaction to all the flutter created by her show. Clearly not keen to engage in a lengthy conversation, but with a disarming smile said, ‘I have neither expressed any opinion nor emotion. The declaration is based on facts and proper statistics, and all the information is publicly available’!!!

Kanthi, currently seems comfortable in the world of sports reporting, and with her sense of focus and her ability to play calmly with fire, she seems set to continue her winning streak !

She needs to keep her smile going to make the truth seem less bitter!


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