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The emergence of Cricket betting in India

Cricket Bat and Ball

Cricket is the second most followed sport in the entire world, just behind football. Invented in the late 16th century in England, the game was brought to India by britishers and soon became an important part of the country.

Despite not being the official national game of India, Cricket enjoys huge popularity. Introduction of shorter formats and t20 leagues across the globe have added more to the popularity of this sport in this country. Since its inception, Indian Premier League has emerged as the most followed Twenty20 league in the world and that has resulted in a lot of side business opportunities for fans and players alike.

Cricket today is so much different than how it was played in its original form. For 400 odd years, cricket was a day long affair, where 22 players in white played with red ball and fours and sixes were so limited and the scores were usually low. However, since the introduction of 50 over cricket and then 20 over cricket, the pace at which cricket is played, has increased significantly. A 20 over game today gets over in less than 3 hours with a lot of entertainment and over 300-400 runs scored. With dynamics of the game changing every minute, another thrill which has added to the experience of cricket in the last few years is betting.

Betting in cricket through online lotteries has been there for a while. However, Twenty20 leagues like IPL and Big Bash League have made cricket a year long sport where the matches are being played throughout the year and following them from any part of the world is so easy because of the internet. This has resulted in a huge opportunity for betting in India and across the globe.

In India, though the government has declared gambling and betting illegal, it has not announced any guidelines for online betting and this has given a window to the interested punters (individuals involved in betting are called punters).

According to a report by Hindustan Times in 2016, Indian betting market was worth $150 Billion per year. This has reportedly gone up to be over $200 Billion as of today. With such huge stats, it is considered that every ODI match where India is involved, has betting worth over $200 Million and an average IPL match betting worth more than $300 Million. This worth goes even higher for high profile matches like IPL knockouts, India Pakistan match or world cup knockouts.

In India, only betting on horse racing is legally permissible. However, off late, there are demands rising to legalise betting for other sports including Cricket. Cricket betting is more of less about identifying best cricketing odds and betting accordingly. You can find cricket odds at to understand it if at all this is of interest to you.

With demands of legalising cricket betting in India, the market is going to get even bigger and there are hopefully going to be more and more opportunities for punters for making money through online betting. This can also result in great revenue stream for the government as recently suggested by BCCI Anti Corruption chief Ajit Singh Shekhawat.

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