IPL 2020 in UAE : Ashwin suggests 10-run penalty for batsman backing up

The spinner from Delhi Capitals Ravi Ashwin has come out with an idea of penalising the opposing team with a 10 run penalty if the non-striker is way too out of the crease when the bowl is not bowled yet. The talk has been further carried out by Ricky Ponting to the Higher Authorities.

The Australian Legend and the Head Coach of Delhi Capitals Ricky pointing have already been in talks with the ICC’s cricket committee to apply the rule of penalising the team with 10 runs if the code of conduct is breached.

Ashwin spoke about the match during a Youtube show and revealed that the stadium was quite big so the RCB batsmen were keen to take 2s-3s or even singles to keep the scoreboard running. During his delivery he saw the batsman floating beside him and then he stopped midway and found finch way out of the crease to make the run. It was difficult for the batsmen to score boundaries.

He further added there is no skill required to get the batsman out that way but there are no other options left for the bowler. He finds finch a great friend and thus left it as a warning but expects some changes in the rules.

He further believes that a wise decision from the ICC will do the job in stoping such acts and Ponting is in favour of Ashwin this time.

Ashwin took the matter on social media and tweeted about the matter where finch was way outside his crease before Ashwin had bowled his delivery. He further added that this was the final warning and the next time he would not hesitate in pulling the bails off.