ISL 2017-18 : Hit or flop?

isl 2017 flop

The Indian Super League aka ISL is a one of a kind footballing event in India hosted by AIFF (All India Football Federation) and sponsored by IMG Reliance & Hero. While the first three seasons of the ISL went by with appreciable success, the fourth edition, ie. 2017-18 edition is failing to live up to the hype and the zest it had hoped to generate.

We analyze 3 Key Factors that make ISL 2017-18 a Hit or a flop!

Lack of Star Names

While an occassional Robbie Keane of ATK or a Dimitar Berbatov of Kerala Blasters does stand out to be a marquee signing, the League has lacked the big names that came over in the first to editions in the form of Zico, Del Piero, Marco Matterrazzi or Luis Garcia. Moreover, the star names for this season have merely been formalities for their respective sides struggling to play enough minutes through injuries.

This is most important reason that makes isl 2017 flop.

A lengthy tournament panning over 4 months 

The Hero ISL 2017-18 came with a surprising format spanning over 4 months, a formula which might not catch up with the Indian audience used to the quick-shift format of pacy and result oriented football and IPL. While the format does help out teams in planning their campaign and recovering from injuries easier, it leads the common man to losing interest and excitement thorugh a large number of non-match days.

The Failure of Teams hailing from North-East, Kolkata & Kerala

While the entire country raves about the ISL every year, there are few other cities that can compare to the passion and exhuberence shown by fans of the above mentioned Teams. Kolkata has failed miserably this ISL while Kerala and NEUFC are still trying to find their feet. The madness and the charisma that teams from Kolkata or Kerala carry with them are unparrallel and that is one key factor in the failure of ISL 4.

Overall, it can’t be argued that the previous editions of the ISL have been able to garner better numbers than this year. But, all is not lost yet. As the League stages nears its conclusion, fans might just start responding to their teams in their our of need.

Cover Image Credits : Twitter