“It was just an outburst” : Hardik Pandya on Champions Trophy final dismissal

Hardik Pandya

Finally, after around two weeks of Champions Trophy final, Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya opened up about the incident with Ravindra Jadeja when he got run-out. He admitted that he was angry at the moment when he got run-out in the finals against Pakistan, but also said that it didn’t take him much time to get over the dismissal.

“It took a lot of time. Only three minutes to be honest. It was just an outburst. I get hyper quickly and after few minutes I was laughing in the dressing room. Looking at me, some of the players were laughing too,” he said.

On the eve of the finals, India needed 338 runs to win. The target was quite challenging but still seemed to be achievable since India’s batting line-up was in good form. But no batsman was able to stand on the crease for a long time. Then Hardik Pandya came and revived the hopes of billions of Indians but unfortunately, was involved in a mix-up with his partner Ravinder Jadeja and got run-out.