Pandya talks about his first meeting with Sachin Tendulkar

Hardik Pandya

Sachin Tendulkar is such a personality everyone would dream to meet once in a lifetime. And when it comes to the present Indian Cricket team, Sachin had been the role model and a source of inspiration for almost every player. Yuvraj Singh respects him a lot and is often seen touching his feet. Virat Kohli bows down in front of him and MS Dhoni has also admitted that he tried copying him.

When such legendary players are in awe of meeting him and playing with him, then imagine what a guy, who has just started his career, will feel, when the God of Cricket himself approaches him and appreciates hid game. India’s emerging all rounder, Hardik Pandya has shared his experience of meeting Sachin on a show What The Duck 2.

Speaking to humorist Vikram Sathaye, Pandya said, “If you love cricket and don’t worship Sachin, then you don’t love cricket. My moment in seventh heaven was when everyone from the Mumbai Indians met for a get-together and it was my first time, back then. So I was busy eating when suddenly someone taps on my shoulder and turn around to see Sachin standing there saying hi to me. I got so nervous that I just dropped my plate instantly. Later on, Sachin said that if you maintain the form you will start playing for the Indian team within a year or so as luck would have it, within 5 months I was playing for the Indian team.”

Eventually, Sachin’s words came true and Hardik has now booked a permanent place in the playing-11 of the Indian Cricket team.