Russia Is Ready For The 2018 FIFA World Cup; And So Is BTS

The FIFA tournament is something that almost every household looks forward to every year.

This year, with the FIFA World Cup being held in Russia, Coca Cola has a new face for their campaign; and it is none other than the Billboard singers, BTS. This Korean pop band has been steadily breaking records since their Billboard Music Awards win back in 2017.

After taking their first steps by initiating a “LOVE MYSELF” campaign with UNICEF in honour of #ENDViolence at a global scale, BTS has now acquired the position as brand ambassadors and the official faces of many renowned companies worldwide like LG and PUMA, and contributed to each of them in their own way.

Coca Cola recently gave a statement in which they explained to the public why they felt BTS was deserving of this campaign. They elaborated on how they believed that the powerful energy and stage presence the members give out in their performances and their unrivalled passion for music matched well with the excitement and passion for the World Cup that more than 3 billion people all over the world enjoy. Coca Cola also explained that they hoped that this collaboration with BTS would bring happiness and satisfaction to everyone in the hot summer of 2018 and that this addition to the Russia World Cup would give everyone a special and unique experience of the grand football tournament.


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