Srinivasan, Shah are ‘disqualified office bearers with vested interest’: CoA

N Srinivasan

The fourth status report by Committee of Administrators  (CoA) has been submitted to the Supreme Court. According to the report, CoA has described  N Srinivasan and Niranjan Shah as “disqualified office bearers with vested interest”. The report also said that they did not want the implementation of Lodha reforms and hence were obstructing the process.

The next hearing on the matter is on 14th July and the earlier three status reports were submitted on 27th February, 17th March and 7th April. Also, the report called Aniruddh Chaudhary a Srinivasan loyalist of being a “mute spectator”, and on the other hand, praised the acting secretary Amitabh Chaudhary for his efforts towards implementation of reforms.

According to point 7 in the report,  “During the intervening period of three months since CoA filed third status report, every effort has been made by the CoA to build consensus among constituent members of BCCI for adoption of new BCCI constitution. The CoA held two meetings, on May 6 (a day before SGM) and June 25 (a day before SGM) in an attempt to build consensus but all these efforts were to no avail. The SGM held on June 26 was manifestly disruptive. Before the meeting a substantial consensus has been arrived at as a result of mutual deliberations between COA and various constituents members of BCCI.”

Point nine in the report described the attitude of  Srinivasan and Shah saying, “The SGM on June 26 was attended by various persons who are disqualified from being office bearers of BCCI and/or their respective state/member associations including N Srinivasan (represented TNCA) and Niranjan Shah (Saurashtra CA) amongst others.”

Also, point 12 mentioned that disqualified persons like Srinivasan and Shah have vested interests in stalling implementation of judgements because if it is implemented, they will lose control and power over respective state associations.

Along with the report, CoA has also submitted an audio file that says that some people tried to hijack the meeting held on 26 June.