Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

The ICC T-20 World Cup has recently completed its fourth edition.

The English team winning the cup became the first team to win the World Cup, the Twenty20, and the ODI.

Jos Buttler became the cup-winning captain, and Sam Curran became the player of the tournament.

Pakistan became the runners-up in the Cup as they were defeated by the England team.

World Cup Format

The current World Cup format calls for games to be played between the top 12 teams.

Previous tournaments were used to determine the top eight teams.

The remaining four teams were chosen through group stages.

Eight teams used to play the group stages, and then the top four teams used to join the top twelve.

As per the new news, the ICC is planning to introduce new rules and formats for the upcoming T-20 World Cup.

The World Cup has recently ended, and the ICC has started to plan for the upcoming tournament.

New ICC Format

According to the news headlines from the ICC, they have introduced a new format.

The next T-20 World Cup will be played in the West Indies and the USA.

According to the new format, there will be 20 teams that will be participating in the World Cup.

They will be divided into four groups, which will consist of five teams each.

From the four groups, the top two teams from each group will advance further in the competition.

Those eight teams will be again divided into two groups, and the top two teams from each group will be in the semi-finals.

Currently, 12 teams have already sealed their fate among the 20 teams.

The West Indies and the USA, being the host nations, are qualified for the top 20.

India, New Zealand, Pakistan, and England, the top four teams in the recent World Cup, have also sealed their spots.

Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and the Netherlands, being in the top four groups, have also qualified for the top 12.

Apart from these ten teams, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have gotten a place in the top twelve as per their T-20 rankings.

The remaining eight teams will be decided through regional qualifications.

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