Accel Partners invest $1 million as seed funding in an interior designing service platform Spacejoy

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Accel Partners has infused $1 million (approx ₹7 crore) as seed funding in an e-design startup Spacejoy.

Bengaluru and US-based e-design startup, offering interior design as a service, will use the funds to rapidly expand its sales and marketing efforts along with hiring new talent in the US as well as broaden and accelerate product development.

Subrata Mitra, Partner at Accel, said, “The global interior design opportunity is huge, with the US being a large market by itself (home furnishing market size  is close to $200 billion). Spacejoy wants to disrupt this industry using their unique interactive 3D app that democratises home design to anyone wanting to engage in DIY. Spacejoy’s technology not only enables the consumer to visualise their home in real time but can also source featured furniture and decor elements through partners.”

Spacejoy was founded by Arnab Saharoy and Vinay Indresh in April 2019. The company is a one-stop digital design service powered by interactive 3D technology that allows users to design (either by themselves or with the help of expert designers), visualise, and purchase. The company currently caters to the US market.

“Spacejoy is focused on providing customers an easy and convenient way of designing their homes by leveraging 3D technology and going a step further by enabling them to buy products from our platform/app,” said Arnab Saharoy, CEO, Spacejoy.

“We are currently focusing on setting up and scaling our on-ground operations in the US over the next year,” he added.

As per Vinay Indresh, president at Spacejoy, visualising furniture from an offline/online catalogue in the context of the rooms is a huge challenge. Hence, about 40 percent of consumers deter from committing to redecorating their homes.


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