How ADDA is implementing technology to simplify your apartment experience

Sangeeta Banerjee ADDA
Sangeeta Banerjee ADDA

As the apartment culture continues to make inroads and find new adopters in form of professionals and new age individuals, there is a continuous discussion on how the whole process from getting into an apartment to managing the day-to-day tasks and collaborating with the RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations) or societies within the apartment community can be simplified. Is there a technology that can help everyone from apartment owners to the society and the tenants?

An average apartment complex has a number of activities to manage. These activities range from accounting, facility management, security, maintenance requests, communication etc. Apartment complexes often elect a few individuals within the residents, who are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities, issues and taking any new initiatives. Being a process oriented country, India still prefers the manual way of managing things and that turns hectic on part of the residents to give time to such activities as most of them are working professionals.

However, a solution named ADDA is now changing the way apartment complexes manage their day-to-day operations by bringing seamless digital solutions for every activity.

About ADDA

ADDA was conceptualised and developed by Sangeeta Banerjee and Venkat Kandaswamy in 2009 after they faced issues to streamline and digitise the activities in their own apartment complex. Being a part of the management committee of their apartment complex, Sangeeta and Venkat faced the issues first hand and looked at various places for a solution which could digitise the whole process of managing an apartment complex, thus making it more efficient and less time consuming.

When Sangeeta and Venkat realised that there was no solution which could cater to their demands in the exact same way, they set a foot forward to develop such solution. That is when, ApartmentADDA was born as a private social network and helpdesk for gated communities. However, over the last 10 years, the solution has emerged into becoming one of the preferred choices for all residential complexes. Apartment Adda was recently rebranded to ADDA to establish itself as a global brand. It currently has offices in India, Singapore and Dubai.

ADDA Products

ADDA currently offers 2 major products to cater to different needs within the gated communities. The products are available on SaaS (Software as a service) model and based on the requirements of a particular housing society, the packages can be customised.


The ERP bit of ADDA manages all the operations and transactions within an apartment complex. From managing the property dues and reminding apartment owners to pay it by the due date to letting the residents raise any sort of maintenance query, ADDA ERP does it all. It also has a tracker for all the income and expenses including the option of generating invoices for the vendors for specific services.

With the integration of payment gateway, ADDA ensures that everything from raising a maintenance request to making the payment can be done on a single platform. The ERP solution, coupled with payment gateways and UPI Integration, can be used for various other options including festival ticketing, club house booking etc. All these features are available on ADDA app, which makes it a seamless experience to manage every single activity related to your apartment right from the mobile screen.

ADDA GateKeeper

ADDA GateKeeper is a comprehensive solution to simplify all the security related aspects of an apartment complex. It keeps a record of all the visitors entering into the housing society. The residents can verify visitors right from their mobile screen and can also stop any unverified or unwanted visitor. Residents can pre verify their visitors by leaving their details and the software will verify them on arrival without needing the approval from residents.

Adda gatekeeper

ADDA GateKeeper also keeps a record of all the vendors, staff, housekeepers and others getting inside the complex. It has a day wise list of all the visitors and residents can choose to be notified of the entry and exit of their housekeeper, cook or any visitor.

Another notable feature of ADDA Gatekeeper, lets you seek help in the emergency situations. As soon as you press the panic button on the app, it sends a notification to your nearest apartment as well as the security, ensuring that you can get help ASAP.


Apartment Management Software like ADDA have simplified the experience of managing an apartment complex with the help of technology. While the urban working population still tries to find best hacks for a sorted lifestyle, ADDA has one aspect of it sorted. Isn’t it?


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    Handle Complaint and suggestion management better With EezyLife System

    In big societies, there are plenty of members. Each member has some or other problem, complaint, and suggestion. Taking care of the same is next to impossible manually. Why worry when you can manage it using theResidential & Apartment Society Management Software?

    Yes, there is a complaint tracking module in EezyLife society management software that enables the members to launch complaints and record the suggestions. Management committee can decide the frequency of looking into the same and revert (usually it is kept once a week).

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    Whether it is a personal complaint (related to own flat) or a community complaint related to common area), it flows through approval and escalation metrics.

    Some large societies offer helpdesk support to manage complaint and suggestions. In such case, they should look for compatible Residential & Apartment Society Management Software that can integrate voice system with data.

    Compare your choices on the basis of predefined parameters and achieve the best society Management Software out of it.


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