After BlackBuck and Rivigo, Cogoport eyeing to sail international waters

The online logistics and freight management industry has seen tons of service providers entering over the past 3-4 years as an entrant to try and focus on intercity and intra-city logistics management in India. After BlackBuck and Rivigo have settled in the industry, a new kid on the block, Cogoport has a target to sail international waters.

Cogoport is also offering price comparisons across other existing players, where asset are owned by Maersk, Mediterranean Shipping Company and others can bid for a freight order in case of high demand.

Moreover, the company also offers door-to-door services by using price comparisons for tracking, custom charges and inland docking charges from the same platform so that transparency will be maintained between both service provider and customers.

Harsh Kumar, co-founder of Cogoport commented that “Typically when an exporter wants to ship his products from Mumbai to Dubai, he will need to get the asset owner’s details, customs clearance, docking charges etc. from different parties. The same process also takes place in the country where the delivery is to take place. Cogoport allows all of this to be done on a single platform and hence merchants can plan their shipments in advance, enabling efficiencies,”

Cogoport has monthly revenues of ₹3.15 Crore and also planning to expand into newer business lines by targeting 6 times growth in the coming financial year of 2017-18.