Freshtohome delivers fresh seafood at your doorstep

Have you ever wondered the so-called fresh raw seafood available in the market, is it really fresh and healthy? The answer is a surprising No, that too the fishes are at least 5 to 7 days old.

The conventional fish trading system includes the fishermen, the middlemen, and the end consumers. Fishermen trade off their fishes and meat to the traders, who in turn sell them to customers in the market. The transportation mechanism used by the traders by which the livestock is brought to the market is chemicalized and unhealthy but cheap and the stocks are visibly fresh, which actually are not. Freshtohome has stepped up to eliminate the woos of the fishermen, by providing better rates and end consumers by providing them stock which is really fresh and free from chemicals.


Freshtohome was founded on Aug 1, 2015, by Shan Kadavil and headquarter situated at Bangalore, India.

Business model

Freshtohome has developed an online platform for selling and delivering fresh fishes, meat, and other seafood. They collect stock from fishermen and have developed an android app by which the fishermen can sell their stock to them and they then collect the stock and use a packing of a meager cost of ₹30-35 to maintain a temperature of 0 to 5 degrees under reverse osmosis condition.

These stocks are then delivered to the customers who placed an order on the e-commerce portal of Freshtohome. This is a very simple model in which the middlemen cost is removed and both the customers and fishermen are satisfied with the deal.

Currently, more than a 1000 fishermen and farmers sell their stock to Freshtohome, which in turn serves more than 50,000 customers. They have a product range of over 200 seafood, which is chemical free and delivers over 2,000 orders every day.


Freshtohome is currently operational in cities like Bangalore, Cochin, Delhi, and Chennai. The seafood available on the store are vegetables, which are locally grown, Fish, which are chemical free, Poultry and mutton, Streak and millets, and marinades.


Freshtohome has undoubtedly marketed the products quite popularly with the promise of providing fresh seafood. There are other companies working in this sector of meat and seafood like Cupick, Meatwale, Lucious, and others.


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