Government plan to set up India’s first startup district in Mangaluru

Nirmala sitharaman

India’s first government owned co-working space for startups is about to be set up in Mangaluru. The government is offering cutting edge technology such as 3D printing and new-age digital infrastructure, such as high-speed Internet to help the startups in building a network and can also control the day to day functioning from a proper working space. This platform is led by commerce and industry minister and the Member of Parliament Local Area Development scheme, Nirmala Sitharaman. The Mangaluru government is trying to generate sustainable revenue from that place by accommodating 100 people.

One of the senior spokesperson told ET that “We felt there was a great demand for a co-working space in Mangaluru. Many startups told us that they had to go to Bengaluru or other cities to access such facilities and infrastructure. We will select the right people to run the place only after asking for suggestions from the start-ups themselves since it is an entirely new territory for the government to enter,”

The Government also talked with some of the leading Delhi-based co-working space owners to approve the design and working of the Mangalore facility. The prices are comparatively half as compared to the market and they are providing all the necessary facilities within the given price. There will be no hidden charges or extra tax will be charged on that.

The government is also planning to set up India’s first start-up district in Mangaluru. The district will contain several specialized incubation centres, and more than 20 labs in schools for thinkers and be aiming at encouraging the creation of innovative solutions in some of the areas like agriculture, health and education.