Gurugram-based Rivigo’s driver relay model gets patent rights by United States

Logistics Startups

Rivigo, a Gurugram-based logistics startup claimed that its driver relay model has been granted patent rights by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The company also asserts that it is the first Indian company to be patented by the US for differentiated technology that makes the logistics industry more efficient.

“This is an endorsement of our pilot-first model. This Relay technology will not just bring efficiencies and help streamline the sector but also ensure that truck driving becomes a viable job opportunity for pilots as well,” Gazal Kalra, Co-Founder of Rivigo said.

Rivigo was founded by Gazal Kalra and Deepak Garg in 2014. The company owns and operates over 2,100 trucks and has a pan-India network across 150 locations.

It offers pan-India delivery services to ecommerce, pharmaceutical, automobile, cold-chain and fast-moving consumer goods companies. The company said it covers more than 29K pin codes in India.

The model ensures that the drivers are behind the wheel for a maximum of four to five hours at a stretch and reach home the same day.

According to the company, the model uses algorithms to develop intelligent driver allocation system that picks the driver for duty and allows equal driving hours, rest hours, and transit hours for drivers.

Interestingly, the system also records their driving behaviour.

The company also says that the system is effective in reducing accident on the national highways as it allocates fixed working  hours to the drivers and mandatory rest before the next trip.

Other players in the similar domain includes,   DelhiveryBlackBuckLocus, LocanixElasticRun, and 4tigo Network Logistics, among many more.


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