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Before we start with the top 10 bootstrap startups, it is essential to understand what bootstrap startups are. 

As per, the term “bootstrap” derives from the expression “lifting oneself by one’s bootstraps.” Entrepreneurs who bootstrap their businesses rely on their personal resources and first income to support their venture. The business is focused on a single purpose and is free of outside intervention from investors. According to studies, more than 80% of new businesses are funded by the founders’ own funds.

The Indian startup ecosystem is teeming with entrepreneurs who have successfully established their businesses from the ground up. For example, Zoho, a technology firm that began as a network management framework for telecoms and network equipment, has grown through bootstrapping. It has since moved into delivering IT management tools and was estimated to account for a fifth of Salesforce in 2012. Zoho now spends the majority of its firm revenue on product development and presently serves over 10,000 clients globally.


So, let’s start with our top 10 bootstrapped Startups In India that redefined the essentials for success.


  • Zerodha

Source: IBTimes India

Zerodha is an Indian financial services firm that is a member of the NSE, BSE, MCX, and MCX-SX and provides brokerage-free stock investing retail, institutional broking, currencies, and commodities trading. The firm, which was founded in 2010, is based in Bangalore and has offices in nine Indian cities. It is also an official member of the NSE’s consulting committee for expanding business.

Nithin bootstrapped and started Zerodha in 2010 to solve the challenges he encountered as a trader over a decade. Today, Zerodha has altered the landscape of the Indian brokerage sector. He was designated one of The Economic Times’ “Top 10 Businessmen to Watch Out for in 2016 in India” for pioneering and expanding discount broking in India.


  •  Zoho

Zoho Logo

Zoho’s tale is as follows: With its market-disrupting products and services, an Indian bootstrapped business has given Google and Salesforce a run for their money. Zoho Corp, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business with offices in Chennai and San Francisco, was once described as the poor man’s Salesforce.

Zoho is not just one of the few successful unicorns in India, but it has stayed so since its start in 1996. With the sheer quantity of applications and features in its packages, the company intends to embed itself into the core of enterprises by offering CRM, SaaS, software development, and cloud computing services to customers. Zoho is a company that provides beautiful, intelligent software to help you build your business.

Zoho’s 45+ solutions, which have over 60 million users globally, help you with sales and marketing, support and collaboration, finance, and recruiting, so you can focus on your business. Zoho values customer privacy and does not utilise an ad-supported business strategy in any of its products, even those that are free. Zoho Corporation is a successful, privately-held business based in Austin, Texas, with international headquarters in Chennai, India, and offices throughout the world.

  • GXpress

    Source- franchiseapply

Gxpress is a logistics firm that started in 2016 and has its roots in Jaipur. It strives to provide bespoke service solutions for international logistics and e-commerce sellers in India by allowing diverse exporters, wholesalers, and manufacturers to sell items on Amazon and eBay.

Gxpress is a people-driven, innovation-driven firm that provides dependable and tailored solutions to shippers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and across the world.

  • Wingify

Source: Slideshare

Wingify is a fast-growing software business located in India that provides internationally acclaimed technologies. Thousands of organisations and people in 90+ countries appreciate our flagship product VWO Experience Optimization Platform, which counts Microsoft, Lenovo, Walt Disney, Target, eBay, and Ubisoft among its customers.

Wingify is an Indian software firm with offices in both New Delhi and Pune. VWO, an A/B testing and conversion optimization platform, as well as Pushcrew, a web and mobile push notification service, are among the company’s offerings.

Wingify has today become the country’s pioneering tool for improving a business’s online presence, with par-excellent products such as e-commerce, SaaS, e-learning, media/publication, and businesses.

  • Kayako

Source: JoJo Themes

Kayako is a customer support software business located in London, England. It was founded in 2010 by Varun Shoor and Jamie Edwards. Kayako creates customer care and helps desk software that companies may use to communicate with and assist their clients.

Kayako was started in Jalandhar, India, in 2001 and has subsequently migrated to London, United Kingdom. The firm has offices in Gurgaon, India, and Singapore, in addition to its London headquarters.

  • GrabOn

Source: Startup Talky

GrabOn was founded in 2013 by Ashok Reddy to provide consumers with the “perfect” discounts and coupons to help them save money on their online purchases. It is the first company to offer real digital coupons as well as social and mobile-enabled online vouchers. GrabOn promises to digitally change India’s multi-billion dollar business.

They tailor-make the greatest offers from internet retailers to present clients with simple answers. Their cutting-edge technology would make it simple for internet consumers to find the best offers at the lowest rates. They are simply interested in adding value to people’s online purchasing experiences.


  • QuackQuack

quackquack startup
Source: Facebook

Ravi Mittal invented QuackQuack, a one-of-a-kind dating app. This Hyderabad-based dating site has a large number of verified individuals. QuackQuack is a great dating app that connects local singles based on their beliefs, oddities, and hobbies. QuackQuack is the perfect dating site for you if you’re looking for meaningful connections, serious partnerships, casual dating, or friendship.

Over 13 million people have already begun QuackQuaking. It shows users their compatibility with the person they like most based on their hobbies, age, and location. The platforms assure their users that their database is free of fake profiles. QuackQuack is one of the most well-known and trustworthy dating services, assisting its users in finding love that will last a lifetime.


  • HappyFox

Source: PCMag India

Shalini Jain founded HappyFox in 2011 and is based in Chennai. It is a firm that provides help desk and customer support software solutions. The firm has expanded by leaps and bounds over the years, becoming the finest ticketing software for modern IT departments.

It’s a multilingual help desk ticketing system supporting multiple customer support channels. It converts email, phone, web and chat requests into tickets and keeps them organised.

Its services are presently available in 35 languages, including English, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Swedish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, and Hindi.

Thousands of businesses of all sizes utilise the platform, which is used in various industries, including education, government, media, and manufacturing. According to the company’s website, it services over 12,000 businesses in 70+ countries. This includes, among others, Lowe’s, LeapFrog, Whirlpool, and Kindling.

  • ThinkPot

thinkpot startup
Source: Facebook

Thinkpot is a prominent Happy Merchandise Brand that was founded in 2014. Thinkpot is a narrative, a feeling, happiness, and any other explicit element that can be found out there. Thinkpot desires a little bit of incitement in life, every day, all year round, for 365 days, with a mission to inspire and instil motivation in its customers’ daily lives. Thinkpot presently provides Posters, Frames, Mugs, Stationery, Bags, Pouches, Mouse Pads, and a plethora of other pleasant goods to keep you surrounded by a joyful atmosphere. All of the company’s products are meant to appeal to today’s age’s fashionable tastes and preferences. They are created with cutting-edge technology and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

  • Social Pilot

socialpilot bootstrapped startup
Source: Facebook

SocialPilot is a social media scheduling and marketing tool designed for social media professionals, digital marketing companies, social media power users, bloggers, and anybody else looking to successfully grow their social media presence.

Jimit Bagadiya and Tejas Mehta launched SocialPilot in 2014 to increase the effectiveness of social media marketing. The ultimate objective of social media marketing is to increase interaction with certain groups and reach out to new consumers. But it will all be for nought if you are unable to remain active on social media. To obtain interaction, you must continue to share engaging information about your business and products and services on your social media sites. This is the concept behind the creation of “SocialPilot,” a social media sharing and scheduling application. ​


Disclaimer: Note that the provided top 10  Bootstrapped companies are not based on any ranking, but on the discretion of the writer. 



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