IIGP 2.0 announce 16 winners; each winner to receive up to 25 lakh

IIGP 2.0 announce 16 winners; each winner to receive 25 lakh
IIGP 2.0 announce 16 winners; each winner to receive 25 lakh

The India Innovation Growth Programme (IIGP) 2.0, a combined initiative of Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government Of India, Lockheed Martin, and Tata Trusts, announced 16 winners for the 2018 edition in New Delhi.

This programme aims to support the government of India’s missions of “Start-up India” and “Make in India“. It provides an innovation ecosystem to enable innovators and entrepreneurs to develop technology-based solutions.

The winners were selected from 3,000 applicants who designed industrial and social solutions to bring a transformational change in India.

Out of the 3,000 applications, 50 innovators were given an opportunity to attend a boot camp conducted by IIM-Ahmedabad, after the boot camp, the 16 winners were picked.

These 16 winners will get an opportunity to undergo an incubation process, and they will also receive a seed funding up to ₹25 lakh each, along with mentoring support to enable them to scale their operations and accelerate market penetration.

Here is a list of all the 16 winners announced in IIGP 2.0:

  1. Aarna Biomedicals Products Ltd: It provides a product called Poorti. Poorti is an affordable, lightweight kit designed to cater to the needs of breast cancer survivors who have undergone a mastectomy to restore their confidence, dignity and feminity.
  2. Green Farming Forever Innovations: Its product Moksh helps the farmers to harvest rice crop to collect rice straws and turns them to powder. It is powered by a radiation-based dryer which is 110 times efficient compared to a conventional dryer, thereby saving 5-7 days for a farmer. It also provides the farmers with an opportunity to earn as much as 40,000/month/machine.
  3. Torch-it Electronics Pvt Ltd: Ahmedabad based Torch-It was founded by Hunny Bhagchandani in 2015. It provides a product called Saarthi, a handheld device that helps the visually impaired to navigate around obstacles by providing feedback using sound and vibrations.
  4. 22bate7 Software Pvt Ltd: Bengaluru-based edtech company founded by Abhinav Tripathi, along with other members in 2017. It uses piCards, a low-cost continuous feedback, audience polling and formative assessment to helps teachers access comprehension levels of students in classrooms.
  5. TouchVision Tech: New Delhi-based startup founded by Ankita Gulati in 2007. It provides a multisensory education platform for visually-impaired people to foster learning.
  6. CareNX Innovations Pvt Ltd: Mumbai-based healthtech startup was founded by Shantanu Pathak and Aditya Kulkarni in 2015. It provides a platform to detect high-risk pregnancies early using technology.
  7. Shira MedTech Pvt Ltd: It is a healthtech startup founded by Anand Parikh in 2016. It provides products that help make microvascular surgeries easier.
  8. Genrobotic Innovations Pvt Ltd: Kerala-based robotic startup was founded by Arun George, Nikhil NP, Rashid Bin Abdulla, and Vimal Govind MK in 2015. It provides robotic solutions for sewer cleaning and other manual works.
  9. IIT-Madras: Its product Aqua-fi is an adaptive underwater wireless acoustic modem, that enables underwater acoustic communications.
  10. Delectrik Systems Pvt Ltd: It provides affordable and sustainable energy solutions by using its product redox electricity flow battery.
  11. DrivAmp LLP: It develops smart electric vehicle charging stations and system controllers to facilitate a sustainable ecosystem free of pollution.
  12. Etrix Technologies Pvt Ltd: It is a Bubneshwar-based tech startup founded by Harshwardhan Kumar and Nitin Kumar in 2016. Its product BlinkIN is an AR and AI-based visual communications and assistive tool to help tech support and training.
  13. Irov Technologies Pvt Ltd: It is a Kerala-based tech startup that uses its underwater drone EyeROV to inspect critical underwater infrastructures.
  14. MakerInMe Technologies Pvt Ltd: A Bengaluru-based startup provides a product called Cretile, a kit of plug-and-play robotic, automation, IoT and electronic modular building blocks. It aims to empower creator with innovative tools to bring their dreams to reality.
  15. Manastu Space Technologies Pvt Ltd: It is a Mumbai-based startup co-founded by Tushar Jadhav and Ashtesh Kumar in 2017. It uses its green-propulsion technology for low thrust application, in order to reduce the cost of access to space.
  16. Sasta Robotics India Pvt Ltd: It is a Kochi-based robotics startup founded by Aronin P in 2012. Its product SR-Dimenzio helps perform human-arm actions for high-risk tasks requiring precision.

These startups now have an opportunity to test their products in the market with the help of leading scientists, technology experts, entrepreneurs and investors partnered with the programme.


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