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Lendbox Review : Details & Review of P2P Lending For Investors


Lendbox is one of the most successful peer-to-peer lending platforms in India. By creating a conducive environment for borrowers and investors, Lendbox aims to revolutionize the personal loans market in the country while providing an effective alternative investment avenue.

The company aims to create a one-stop solution for all borrowers with different needs and provide them with access to investors with varied risk appetite and goals.

Key Features of Lendbox

If you are looking for a peer-to-peer loan or if you want to invest your savings in a creditworthy borrower. Lendbox allows you to do just that.

Lendbox comes with the following exciting features:

  • RBI registered NBFC-P2P lending company
  • Allows you to invest as low as ₹5,000 for as short as 3 months
  • Attractive returns of as high as 36%
  • Access to a wide range of pre-verified creditworthy borrowers
  • Detailed credit assessment through sophisticated technology and experienced professionals
  • Receive regular monthly returns on your investment
  • Diversified portfolio of borrowers
  • Convenient and transparent processing system with no hidden charges
  • Opportunity to negotiate with the borrower before closing a deal
  • Support in collections when required
  • Recommended score and interest rate along with approved amount

Interest Rate Available With Lendbox

When it comes to interest rates, Lendbox doesn’t decide the interest for you. The company just acts as a facilitator between the borrower and lender, who are free to negotiate the rate of interest mutually. At Lendbox, you have complete control over choosing your desired ROI based on your risk appetite.

Lendbox charges a one time non-refundable activation fee of Rs. 500 from both borrower and investors. Along with this, a small processing fee is charged during loan disbursement from the borrower while Investors pay a small Rs. 500 charge per 1 lakh investment.

Interest Rate Disbursement Fees
16% or less 2% of Loan Amount or 2000 whichever is higher
16.25% to 21% 3% of Loan Amount or 3000 whichever is higher
21.25% to 25% 4% of Loan Amount or 4000 whichever is higher
25.25% to 28% 5% of Loan Amount or 5000 whichever is higher
Above 28% 6% of Loan Amount or 6000 whichever is higher

Who should invest with Lendbox?

Lendbox is a suitable platform for people who are looking for a stable passive income with medium risk appetite. Along with this, Lendbox is a perfect place for investors keen to invest in multiple risk categories at one place allowing investors to greatly diversify their investments at one place reducing the risk of loss.

What to keep in mind before investing?

Before investing your hard earned money, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind.

  • Check the creditworthiness of borrowers:

If you are lending your money to someone, you would want to check their credit worthiness thoroughly.

You should closely assess the insights provided by platforms to understand his capability and intention to repay.

  • Diversify across different areas and borrowers

There is a famous proverb i.e you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Same way, you should never invest all your money in one investment avenue. Diversification is the key.

In P2P lending practice too you should diversify across different class of borrowers. Segregate your investments and choose borrowers from different segments to lend to.

  • Make sure the entire process is transparent

The platform where you are lending your money should have a non-ambiguous transaction policy so that you are confident where your money is going.


Lendbox has 18,000+ registered investors. Investors at Lendbox are earning an average ROI of 24%. With proper learning and guidance from the lendbox investor support, it is an effective product to multiply your savings and create a stable passive income.

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