Medtech startup Inito gets US patent rights for home diagnostics model

Inito, a medtech startup, has been able to acquires patent rights for its proprietary home diagnostics technology from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), cited Yourstory.

Inito said that the US patent grant will further its mission to become a “global health tech company” out of India.

The platform Inito, funded by Y Combinator, has made a flat-lens technology that allows a single Inito device to perform dozens of lab-grade diagnostic tests at home by using only a smartphone.

Ayush Rai, co-founder at Inito said, “Inito also happens to be India’s first medtech startup to be selected by Y Combinator in its Winter ’19 Cohort. Being funded by Y Combinator, it allows us to think globally and access global expertise and resources.”

Inito was founder and started by Ayush Rai and Varun AV in 2015. It offers the fertility test that enables women to track their fertile window, and improve chances of conception by almost 89 percent. The device does this by measuring two fertility hormones, Estrogen and Luteinizing Hormone (LH).

While, Inito’s AI-based app collects the data to understand cycle variations for every woman, and throws up unique results.

The startup Inito claims that its results are 99.12 per cent accurate, and have been tallied with results from lab-grade scanners.

The Inito device has collected hormone data from over 150,000 fertility tests so far. The startup plans to add eight more hormone tests to its device going ahead.

Inito also plans to disrupt the $30 billion global fertility market with its proprietary device, AI and data analytics.


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