Nanotech startup Log 9 Spill Containment raises INR 4 cr from angel investors

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Angel investors Renjit Shinto and Omkar Ghaisas have infused INR 4 crore as pre-nanotechSeries A round in nanotech startup Log 9 Spill Containment. Bengaluru-based Log 9 Spill Containment will use the funds for product innovation and development, as well as for infrastructure development. The startup is an arm of Log 9 Materials Scientific.

While, Log 9 Spill Containment will also use a part of fresh funds to set up a new production facility in Navi Mumbai for the manufacturing of its existing product portfolio. The rest will be deployed towards the development of new products in industrial spill and other domains, cited ET. 

Dhananjay Sharma, CEO of Log 9 Spill Containment, said, “At Log 9 Spill, we are using graphene as the base material to bridge the gap between laboratory-developed technologies and market-ready products, and thus creating, manufacturing, and commercialising novel solutions for the clean-tech sector. We have already developed a brand by the name Sorbene, which represents oil/chemical sorbents made with graphene. The funds we have received recently will boost Log 9 Spill’s capabilities not only in terms of production and scaling up of our Sorbent range of products, but also aid us in the research and development of new products that shall cater to domestic and international markets in providing efficient oil spill clean-up solutions.”

Log 9 Spill Containment was incorporated by Dhananjay Sharma in July 2019. The company manufactures and offers products to control spills of all forms. Their products can be used to prevent, control, and clean spills in and around marine or terrestrial ecosystems.

It also deals in graphene-based products for better containment and absorption of off-shore and on-shore oil spills and chemical spills for the protection of the environment.

The company said that it has a larger agenda of educating industries and businesses about the value propositions attached to using graphene technology-based products or offerings with respect to cost savings and positive environmental impact.

“During each life cycle, our Sorbene products reduce the carbon emission to atmosphere by at least 50 percent as compared to conventional products. The Sorbene pads are very flexible and can be folded and used as wipes. A single Sorbene pad can be used for six to eight cycles, whereas other traditional pads can be used only once,” Dhananjay added.


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