National Olympiad Foundation acquires Jaipur based edtech startup Edurer

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Edurer, a Jaipur-based edtech startup was recently acquired by National Olympiad Foundation (NOF) in a deal which was part-cash and part-equity. While, the amount of the deal was kept confidential, the founders of Edurer, apart from getting equity will also join NOF’s top management firm.

Edurer was setup in 2016 by Anjali Bansiwal and Atul Dubey as a research-centred startup. Later on, Sachin Yadav joined the company as another co-founder.

The edtech startup intends to provides B2B SaaS services that helps educational organisations offer enhanced, personalised and gamified learning experience to their students.

“We are quite excited about the acquisition. NOF is one of the few educational companies in our country who are addressing educational issues at the root level. Their domain knowledge will surely be of great use in developing the AI based learning platform,” Anjali Bansiwal, CEO at Edurer said.

Interestingly, Edurer was among the few top startups to get into the first cohort selected by Department of IT, Govt. of Rajasthan for incubation and mentorship in 2017.

On the other hand, headquartered in Indore, NOF constitutes docking of academic talent and social entrepreneurship helping the talent to come out from the walls of classroom.

It conducts one of its own GLOBAL talent search exam where the resources are utilized for children in need who are ignorant about education.

It has fetched students from all over the globe bringing them on a common platform. A uniform platform, distinguishing students based on subject, perception and age.

Also, NOF conducts Olympiad Exams in schools in various countries and is currently working in the area of marks improvement and adaptive learning using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as tools.

Sandesh Vyas, co- founder and CEO of National Olympiad Foundation said, “We are currently working on a learning technology platform in K-12 domain using advanced cognitive architectures, predictive algorithms and smart recommendations hence the acquisition of Edurer was a strategic decision.”

Additionally, emerging Edurer works in a space where it competes with bigger startups like RIL backed Embibe and QB365.


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