Netflix, Amazon Prime Video might face stiff suppression by India

amazon prime video

The government of India is reportedly looking to impose censorship sanctions on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, cited Mint.

According to a government official, the centre’s concern has been sharpen by several court cases and complaints filed to the police in recent months, alleging that some content was obscene and insulted religious sentiments.

However, India’s law do not allow censorship of content on the popular online streaming platform as the firm and TV certification department already regulate public content in India.

“The self-regulation isn’t the same for all, which is raising a concern, the directions are clear, we have to see how to address the problems,” the government official added.

Witnessing several cases of blasphemy, obscene, pornography, it is being said that India’s Information & Broadcasting and IT ministries are in talks to set up a regulatory framework for such content providers.

The government official also said that there was also concern about disparity in how some content appeared on different mediums.

Smoking scenes in Bollywood movies on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix in India, for example, do not carry the mandatory anti-tobacco textual warnings, the source added.

Besides Amazon, Netflix, other OTT platforms in India include Hotstar, Zee5, JioCinema, AirtelMovies, among more.


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