OYO acquires Mumbai based AblePlus to venture into IoT

OYO has acquired Mumbai-based IoT company AblePlus, financial details of the deal remain undisclosed. OYO is looking to strengthen its technology portfolio with the acquisition. It is aiming to create a sustainable ecosystem powered by technology and artificial intelligence for managing its hotels and assets.

Anil Goel, chief technology officer, OYO, said, “We are delighted to announce our acquisition of AblePlus towards pioneering the application of IoT in Indian and global hospitality segment and creating a global impact. Both Akash and Bonish (co-founders of AblePlus) are extremely talented individuals and we are excited to welcome them onboard. Through partnerships like this, we envision a smooth road ahead for building the world’s largest technology-enabled hospitality brand.”

OYO has already introduced Digital Arrival and Departure Register, it is one of a kind in the hospitality industry. It has been adopted by the state governments of Haryana and Rajasthan. The company is also using Machine Learning to provide a more personalized journey to the users.

With the acquisition of AblePlus, the company claims that it will be able to provide more IoT enabled operations like Self-service check-ins, supported by Digital Arrival and Departure Register. It will also be able to support self KYC with Aadhaar and IoT managed smart locks. Integration of all these technologies in the hospitality industry is certainly going to help OYO create an unparalleled customer experience along with enhanced operational efficiency.

OYO has also claimed that the implementation of machine learning will enable its platform to learn from the continuous usage by the customers. It will make the system smarter and better at handling the customer demands and needs in the future.

OYO had recently announced its plans to enter the wedding industry with Auto Party. It had also announced its foray into Indonesia, UK, and other European countries after entering China. OYO certainly has big plans for the future and customers are sure to be excited about them.


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