PeeSafe raises ₹6 Crore from Venture Catalyst and others

PeeSafe has announced raising ₹6 Crores ($1 Million) from Venture Catalysts, Alfa Capital, Green Shots Capital, and Real Time Ventures. There were various Angel investors who showed their interest and participated in the rounds such as Govind Rajan, Motilal Oswal and Amit Choudhury. The company stated that the amount of funding received will be used to expand the product line of the Redcliffe Hygiene and to expand to global markets.

Dr. Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, Founder of Venture Catalysts mentioned that “Redcliffe Hygiene is targeting the relatively untapped hygiene sector with a strong and disruptive concept, backed by an experienced team with cross domain expertise. The current market traction is exceptional especially from multiple geographies provides a valid proof of its business model.”

Vikas Bagaria, Founder of PeeSafe in his statement to Inc42, he stated that “We started PeeSafe with the idea of saving over 150 Million women globally from Urinary Tract Infection and other diseases caused by unhygienic public washrooms. With the funding, we will be able to further our cause and achieve our objective of scaling PeeSafe into a global brand and reaching out to 10% of our target market through 1 Lakh stores by the end of this calendar year in India alone. We are also looking to open production facilities in the US and UK,”

PeeSafe is available on retailing platforms such as Safetykart, Amazon, Flipkart, 1mg and others. Apart from this, they have Le Marche, 98.4 Pharmacy, Global Healthline, Needs supermart, on the list.