Spacetech startup Pixxel inks bond with Leaf Space to launch 24 Earth observation imaging satellites

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Pixxel, a Bengaluru-based early-stage spacetech startup, has inked a bond with Leaf Space in order to launch the first of its 24 Earth observation imaging satellites, cited Inc42.

The major development from Pixxel was announced via LinkedIn, where the spacetech platform said that the partnership would let it beam down satellite imagery multiple times a day, giving its customers quick and relentless access to satellite data.

Kshitij Khandelwal, chief technology officer at Pixxel said that the company wants to deploy the first phase of its constellation consisting of 24 satellites to provide real-time coverage over the next three years.

Pixxel was founded in late 2018 by Kshitij Khandelwal and Awais Ahmed. The company is building a constellation of remote sensing satellites that will launch into space and beam down data that will be used to map minerals, water, and other resources on the moon, Mars, and even the asteroid belt.

They are currently manufacturing the first of their satellites, which will be launch-ready by the end of the year and will be put in orbit early next year. The seed round of funding will be used to manufacture the prototype satellite.

Whereas, Leaf Space is based out of Italy, which provides ground segment support for microsatellite launches.

Pixxel also aims to work in the Indian agriculture sector by using artificial intelligence (AI) models on high-resolution satellite images which can be used to predict drought or flood damage, thereby preventing huge losses for farmers.

According to sources, the agreement will also facilitate future mission support for Pixxel’s planned constellation, which will be crucial to provide global coverage.

Khandelwal further said that Pixxel will focus on the satellite constellation development and will partner with more global ground station providers such as Leaf Space to launch its satellites in the next few years.

On the other hand, there are other spacetech startups that includes Deep SpaceMomentus Space Industries, and Tethers Unlimited.


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