Srjna – Jaipur-based edtech startup for experiential learning

The Indian online education sector is projected to touch USD 40bn by 2017. More and more policies are coming that focus primarily on creating larger skilled work-force. The I.T. sector has developed multiple folds. And with vision to bring more light to the sector, Srjna, a Jaipur-based edutech startup, was established in 2015.

SRJNA is a hybrid education model using real & virtual teaching aids to impart 5D classroom experiential learning and smart online assessment platform with deep analytics for K-10 students, teachers and parents.

Abiding by the quote, “True learning comes when it is experienced”, the startup has established its labs in more than 80 schools all over Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat.

Being a brand by Elation Edtech Pvt. Ltd., the startup was initiated by 4 alumni of IITs and XLRI and is now a team of 15 enthusiasts who want to make a disruptive change in school education. Not only they aim for benefitting students of 5d learning but also bring t to them in a quite feasible manner.

The startup has been seed-funded by Rajasthan Angel Investors Network (RAIN) and has already been a laureate to much recognition. Giving a new face to the face of education, they say, “Reading and writing helps students retain 30%.  Watching helps them retain about 50%. But, experiencing by themselves will help them retain about 70%-90%.”

Team Srjna has successfully laid the foundation of the future it envisaged and hopefully, will strive to bring about more change in the experience of education in India and contemporary world.