Tech startup Whatfix acqui-hires AI-powered firm Airim to become first adoption solution provider

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In a bid to become digital adoption solution (DAS) provider to offer autonomous personalisation solutions, Whatfix, an enterprise tech startup, has acquired Airim, an AI-powered tech company, reported Inc42.

Whatfix said that it will become the industry’s first digital adoption solution (DAS) provider to offer autonomous personalisation solutions.

According to Whatfix, the acquisition will help companies enable faster user application onboarding, learning in the flow of work and self-help that increases user productivity.

Khadim Batti, founder and CEO of Whatfix said that this will help their platform to provide autonomous personalization, seamlessly.

“With Airim’s personalization engine, two users sharing the same enterprise role, in-app location and overall usage, will now autonomously see different personalized guidance based on their specific in-app behaviour, engagement pattern, intent, and device type among other factors. This will elevate the user experience and their digital adoption to a level not seen before in enterprise applications,” Batti explained.

As part of the agreement, Sujoy Chaudhary, CEO of Airim, will be joining the Whatfix family, which will make digital adoption faster, based on autonomous hyper-personalisation for each user.

Whatfix was founded by Khadim Batti and Vara Kumar Namburu in 2013. The platform Whatfix is a SaaS-based enterprise tech startup which is currently helping more than 400 medium and large global enterprises in the adoption of various software.

Airim, on the other hand, was started by Samvit Majumdar and Sujoy Chaudhary in 2017. The company Airim bridge the information gap between a business and its consumers.

Whatfix further said that with the combined partnership with Airim’s AI-powered personalised engine, its (Whatfix) users now can expect in-app guidance at their point of need.


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