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Uber reaches to a surprise settlement with waymo

The surprise settlement announced Friday came as lawyers for Uber and Waymo, a company hatched from Google, prepared to wrap up the first week of a trial that had attracted international attention.

Waymo filed its lawsuit nearly a year ago , adding to Uber’s woes with allegations of a bold high-tech heist orchestrated by its former CEO , Travis Kalanick , and a former Google engineer.

That engineer , Anthony Levandowski , subsequently went to work for Uber , and was later fired when he declined to answer questions about the theft charges, citing his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Uber and its ride-hailing service had already been tarnished by the company’s acknowledgement of rampant sexual harassment within its ranks,  a yearlong cover-up of a major computer break-in, and the use of duplicitous software to thwart government regulators.

As with most settlements , the truce required some compromise by both sides. Uber had initially offered to settle the case for $490 million just before the start of the trial Monday , but that agreement didn’t provide Waymo with enough assurances that its technology wouldn’t be improperly used , according to two people familiar with the thinking of both parties in the lawsuit.

The people asked not to be identified because the settlement talks were confidential.