Unitus Ventures starts Jobtech 2.0 in partnership with Michael & Susan Dell Foundation to boost startups in India

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In a bid to tackle the slew of unemployment in India, the first edition of Jobtech 2.0, a nation-wide competition to invest in startups that address the future of India’s jobs/ employment opportunity, has been commenced, reported ET.

The Jobtech 2.0 has been launched by the combined partnership of Unitus Ventures and Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

The competition Jobtech 2.0 will assess the startups on product-market fit, product differentiation, and growth potential and the selected startups will receive up to $1 million funding and guidance from top-notch investors and advisors.

The specific focus of this competition is startups addressing skills mismatch, upskilling, freelancing and job matching, gig platforms, mentoring and coaching platforms.

Rahil Rangwala, Director, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, said, “Startups have potential to turn around the complex problem of unemployment by shaping tomorrow’s job opportunities as well as making India’s youth ready for the future.”

Importantly, the competition is open for entries until November 26.

Furthermore, as per the reports, the Startups focused on upskilling for changing careers, bridging skill mismatch gap, and the gig economy’s favorite produce – freelancing, will provide enough elbow room for tackling unemployment as well as aiding tomorrow’s population to become job-fit for employment.

Unitus’ Jobtech 2.0 is aimed to find and enable rapid growth for startups, to help solve this critical problem.

The sort of skilling and employment opportunities available for these workers remain an area of uncertainty, however with vast possibilities.

Tech-enabled job matching platforms for youth or staffing agencies enabling blue-collar workers’ integration into mainstream economy are areas with budding prospects.


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