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With another year coming to an end, there has been so many new innovations and inventions for the year 2019. The Indian Wire took an opportunity to compile a list of the top 10 Innovations for the Health and Wellness sector, here’s our compilation take a look.

1. Mirror

Fitness is no longer limited to excuses, The Mirror is this year’s most happening invention. The interactive Mirror let’s you take your fitness to the next level at the convenience of your home.

The Mirror

The Mirror Display acts as an all purpose gym with one-on-one training, streaming live workouts and even offers an interactive fitness coach.It comes with an in-built camera device that let’s you interact with your trainers. So now your fitness goals are more than your new year resolutions!

2.Smart Buckle – Convert Any Watch into a Fitness Tracker

What if something allows you to combine your vintage love for watches with smart technology? Smart Buckle is to look out for, attaching smart buckle to your analog watch let’s you turn it into a fitness tracker.It is designed to be compatible with various straps, made from non corrosive Stainless Steel which makes it shockproof, waterproof and dust proof for daily use.

The Smart Buckle

The Smart Buckle comes with a technology that lets you analyse daily activities, sleep data and delivers data through an app available in the iOS and Android platform.The algorithm offers an accurate data that prevents to put your health at stake.

3. The Sleep Robot

Somnox Sleep Robot is the world’s first sleep robot which is-part meditation coach and part teddy bear. The kidney-shaped robot is your cuddly sleep coach that puts you to sleep with its mechanical breathing.Snuggling comfortably into your arms without straining neck and shoulders, its body pulsates rhythmically with deep inhalations and smooth exhalations.

Somnox Sleep Robot

The accelerators and CO2 sensors works to match with your respiration speed rate then gradually slowing you down into a state of relaxation.The app comes with the settings for waking-anxiety reductions and tranquil sleep. Definitely, something you would want to cuddle to bed !

4.  SoundPrint : Find a quiet place

We all love our quiet place, somewhere the mind can feel free and relax for quiet conversations. SoundPrint, a free app allows users to measure and report the sound levels of their surroundings.It has been described as “Yelp for noise” .


The app has already received 80,000 crowd-sourced submissions to help people choose gyms, libraries and restaurants based on what they’ll see, hear and do.

5. PathSpot

If you love eating outside but germophobia is holding you back, PathSpot is something to consider. The device uses a light-based detection algorithm that allows to scan people’s hand for contamination.


The device aims to fight the spread of food-borne illnesses which are caused by pathogens such as E.Coli, Salmonella etc.

6. An ECG on your wrist 

Our health is good when the heart beats well. For the care of our health it needs a serious medical device, more than just a fitness tracker. The ECG- enabled smart watches has made it possible to monitor the heart with convenient wearable devices. It has been made possible by new regulations and innovations in the hardware and software which gives results of a precision closer to a medical one.

ECG on the wrist

Though improvements have been made to detect heart attack through app and more than one sensor system(as used currently), to allow detecting heart attack for someone wearing it.

7. Total SF by Colgate

A lovely smile is enough to capture people’s hearts and when it comes to the protection of your smile, Fluoride is your best friend as all doctors recommends.

Colgate’s Total SF contains stannous fluoride making it, as the most potent toothpaste ever. The toothpaste strengthens enamel, acts as antimicrobial and protects teeth and gums against tartar buildup, gingivitis and sensitivity.

Total SF by Colgate

A unique system of inactive zinc is used to stabilize stannous fluoride to prevent from staining your teeth yellow and dark brown.This ensures teeth to stay pearly white and cavity-free.

8. Airthings Wave Plus 

The air pollution has marred Delhi-NCR and breathing inside the house has become even more difficult. Radon has emerged as one of the core pollutants among the collection from the samples assimilated.

Airthings Wave Plus is the first app supported radon and indoor air- quality detector . It also detects CO2 levels along with total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) and gas emitted from the chemicals at home.

Airthings Wave Plus

The battery powered Wave plus gives a complete view of the air quality and any potential dangers associated.

9. Gut Probe in a pill

These pills are small swallowable device that allows to capture detailed images of the gut without anaesthesia, even in infants and children.

The Gut probe pill

It can be used for primary care, since it is easier to screen for and study gut diseases such Environmental enteric dysfunction (EED) and conduct tissue biopsies .This allows medical workers to intervene for detection and cause prevention at the right time.

10. Impossible Burger 2.0

Burgers and health don’t quite fit in one frame, literally! But now it does, Impossible Foods in partnership with Burger King has launched a plant-based meat which capitalizes on the need for sustainable burger. It is a rare revolution in fake meat that blends soy and potato proteins (no wheat, completely gluten-free) with a texture provided by coconut and sunflower oil that guarantees to gross out a hardcore vegetarian for its beef like fattiness.

The Impossible Burger 2.0

And what makes it healthy, is the same amount of iron and protein content it contains.This would surely convince a meat lover to take up a sustainable diet. Now, that makes it truly a Grand Award winner of 2019’s Best Innovation.

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