5 Best Android Apps to try this week

5 Best Android Apps

There are a ton of apps in the Play Store, some of them have new and cool features. While most of these apps are just repetitions of previous ones. So, we’ve sorted the apps available on the Play Store and picked up 5 Best Android Apps that a user should try for this week. Here is the list of 5 Best Android Apps for users this week:

1. Sago Mini Apartment:

Sago Mini Apartment is a new kids game. It features all of the stuff that kids game typically have. The game includes cute characters, simple mechanics and also some educational contents for kids. In the game kids have to simply create simple music, practice counting and also they have to solve some puzzles. The game features seven different floors where each floor has its own activities. The game is available on Google play Store ₹ 190. Also the game does not have and additional in-app purchases or advertisements.

2. Material Gallery:

Google I/O produced a ton of updates announced by Google for its products and services. Everything update from Android P to Wear OS got some a lot of love from users. Also now Google has a new app which is Google’s Material Gallery to help designers start. Material Gallery is not a photo gallery app according to the name. Instead of that it is an app for developers. The app will allow developers to upload their design work, get feedback, and give feedback to other developers. So it may be possible that an average, everyday person may not find it juseful enough.

3. Google Play News:

Google Play News is one of the number of ways that Google use to provide news to the users. Google Play News is a free news providing service provided and operated by Google. The service selects news from thousands of news websites and allows users to view it. A beta version of the service was launched in September 2002, and it was released officially in January 2006. Google News was getting news from more than 50,000 news sources worldwide as of 2013. The service supports more than 35 languages as of September 2015.

4. Google Tasks:

Google Tasks as the name suggests, offers users a dedicated place to create, view and edit their task list and to-do list, including those created from within the new Gmail or from Google Calendar. It also allows users to sync all their to-do list across their all devices. Users can easily create task lists and they can also view, edit and manage their tasks on the go from any device. Users can also manage tasks created in Gmail or calendar on the web from their mobile device. The app includes many feature for users to connect with their other team members also.

5. Google Assistant:

Google Assistant have been in the news since the start of the Google I/O 2018. Google Assistant is one of the most powerful Android apps on Google Play Store. It also works on most of the Android devices seamlessly. User can easily use the service by simply downloading the app and then enabling it. After that user can ask anything from the Assistant whatever they want. It also supports a variety of commands. The app also allows user to control lights (for smart lights), ask about population control, and it can even do simple math problems for the user.


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