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5 high tech kitchen appliances you should know about

From the day we’ve opened our eyes, we have seen our mothers and sisters working tirelessly in the kitchen preparing scrumptious dishes for us. But with the advent of technology, they no longer have to work vigorously. Even though the best cookware sets have made cooking quite easier, there is still room for improvement. Recently, the phrase, ‘Smart Kitchen’ and hard anodized cookware sets have gained quite the hype. Smart kitchen refers to advanced culinary equipment that make cooking a lot easier. Following is a list of some of the latest advancements in the kitchen to make things simple and easier. 

  1. Flex Induction Cooktop With Integrated Ventilation By Gaggenau

The ‘open-concept’ kitchens are quite trendy these days. But it has a very big problem and that is the ventilation system. When you’re enjoying cooking and working in the kitchen in an open area, the others around you are getting irritated by the smoke or the spices. So Gaggenau has come up with a solution for this problem. The flex induction cooktop has integrated ventilation that will extract up to 85% of odors and smells. This will reduce the fumes so that people around the kitchen are not irritated.

  1. Anova Sous Vide

Sous Vide, pronounced as ‘sue veed’, is French for ‘under vacuum’. This is a special device that involves placing food in a heat safe plastic pouch under hot water. While this practice has become quite popular with skilled chefs, it is still a new concept for amateurs and beginners. The Sous Vide machine heats up water to a certain level of temperature so that the chef can put the sealed plastic pouch containing food in the water. While this practice is mostly used to cook fish, lobster and meat, it is now gaining popularity as a device to steam fresh vegetables.

  1. Sensor bins

Hippomart has made sensor bins to keep your kitchen hygienic and clean. These specially designed bins will open their lids automatically when they detect your presence. This will allow you to dump the garbage straight into the bin without manually touching the bin itself. Made with stainless steel, the sensor bins come in various designs and sizes for you to choose from. Additional features of the more advanced bins include soft-closing lids and a deodorizer compartment to get rid of the smell. Got to to check out different models of the bins.

  1. LG Signature Refrigerator

LG has brought a simple yet an amazing innovation to the refrigerator. Whenever you knock at the door of the fridge, the ‘Insta View Door-in-Door’ feature will light up the inside and show you the items in the refrigerator. Although this feature seems pretty simple it does have great use. Most of the time we open the door and keep standing until we decide what we want to eat. This allows the cold air to escape which in turn wastes electricity. But with this innovation, we don’t need to worry about energy waste anymore. Another useful feature is the ‘auto open-door detector’. This will open the door automatically when your hands are full. So this feature will help you save your time and energy when loading fruits and vegetables in the fridge.

  1. Philips AirFryer

Healthy food is the most important factor towards a long and happy life. However, these days everything is fried in oil that contributes a lot towards calories and obesity. Keeping this in mind, Philips has designed a device known as the AirFryer. It serves the same purpose as a deep fryer but in a very friendly way. It requires a teaspoon of oil to get started. Then it uses the hot air to fry things up. This means that we can get fried foods but with a lot less calories. Since everyone loves fried food, this innovation in a deep fryer will really prove to be helpful in providing healthy and hygienic food.

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