Amazon’s new retail experiment to sell 4-Starred products at New York store

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Amazon opened up a new Store in New York to feature only 4-star & above products for its customers announced on Wednesday about the 4-star and above-rated products to only be sold at its New York branch. It will be selling toys, books and a whole range of various products to cater to its customers. They will be from different vendors, traders, and the trending products on the website.

Amazon’s big database of their customers’ choices, reviews, and comments, it has sorted and stocked all of the bestselling products as well as products popular with New Yorkers. The shop, known as Amazon 4-star, will let customers interact with Echo speakers, Kindle e-readers, and other devices made by the company. It will also sell household goods, games, and kitchenware.

Amazon’s news marked its entry into their rivals’ turf “Target Corp”, which has provided urban shoppers with new small-format stores. This also highlights the entire scenario of how Amazon is the world’s largest e-retailer has started to shift into physical stores to curate the needs of their customers in all ways.

A new way to bring more Prime Member to Amazon

Introducing the digital price tags for Amazon’s products shelves would mark the fact that the price would change or fluctuate accordingly. This would be a plus point for the Amazon Prime members of the loyalty club. As they would be paying the online market price for the products they desire to purchase.

People and customers without the amazon prime membership can apply for the Prime facility on spot and even get provided with the fast-shipping facility. Amazon’s Book Stores works in the same manner. This is to ensure the ones who aren’t yet a member to get themselves the membership accordingly and enjoy the facility.

Encouraging sign-ups is key to the company’s new strategy because Prime members tend to shop more on This new tactic would ensure more and more members to sign up and enjoy their well thought features at ease.

Experimentation’s an Experiment no Comment yet

Amazon’s plan for expanding the retail market and that too, this one, in particular, is not very clear yet. The company is known for experimentation, and a spokesman from Amazon didn’t comment anything in regard to the new plan (well declined to comment).

Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, said Amazon will add new stores if the format takes off, but he expects it may not. “If I’m looking for a television and the store is full of kitchen appliances, it doesn’t help me very much,” he said.

Grocery remains the other key category for Amazon’s brick-and-mortar play.

The company bought Whole Foods Market in a $13.7 billion (roughly ₹99,000 crores) deal last year. This enabled them now to deliver fresh food to shoppers’ homes. It’s also ready to open smaller grocery shops known as Amazon Go, where in-store technology allows customers to walk out with items and have their credit cards billed without having to stop by a cash register.


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