AMD is Working on a 64-core Threadripper Processor

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At Computex last year AMD released the 2nd generation of Threadripper processors. As of now, the highest cores the brand has to offer for a desktop setup is 32 cores but Wccftech reports that AMD is working on a better flagship processor for the 3rd gen Threadripper processors. They have confirmed that the flagship CPU will have 64 cores and 128 threads which is twice the number of cores and threads present on the W2990X. These processors might launch during Q4 of the current year although it is not sure when AMD will announce these processors.

According to the sources, the platform is named X599. The previous Threadrippers were compatible with the X399 platform. However, AMD introduced the X499 platform for better performance. The upcoming Threadripper may not be compatible with earlier platforms; however, we cannot say anything with certainty at this point.


The mysterious HEDT chip is based on what AMD is currently calling the X599 platform, AMD will keep the “99” suffix though, which only partially resolves the naming confusion, Wccftech reports. we dont know yet, whether the 64 core Threadripper will be based on a 14 nm or 7 nm FinFET process, but it is expected to be compatible with existing TR4 motherboards. it is also estimated that the CPU will cost between US$2,500 and US$3,000, which may look steep at first glance.

However, the process in which the processor will be made is not known yet. It could probably be of 14nm but there is a valid chance for the brand to surprise all of us by implementing a 7nm process as the company has already announced its affinity to 7nm back in Computex 2019.

AMD and its Add-in-board (AIB) partners may release the X599 based 64 core Threadripper in Q4 2019. The CPUs should start shipping then too or Q1 2020 at the latest. AMD has planned to ship this 64 core monster by the end of 2019. The pricing is expected to be in the $2500 to $3000 segment, which makes it pretty clear AMD is aiming this at professionals, not just enthusiasts.


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