Android 8.0 Oreo for Google Pixel officially available

On the eve of Solar eclipse, Google unveiled their latest Android operating system called Android Oreo. The update is already available for Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones and expected on other flagship smartphones by the end of the September and onwards.

According to Google Android Oreo is their sweetest release yet. Though there are limited UI changes compared to the Android Nougat, there are a lot of new tricks that enhance the user experience.

Here are few of the features highlighted on Android Oreo 8.0.

With respect to boot time, Android device running on Oreo will be two times faster than that are running on Nougat(boot time). Autofill can remember your login ID and password of an individual app (with user permission) so, there is no need to type login ID and password again and again(tested on Google Pixel).

Picture-in-Picture mode enables the user to draw one app over another, unlike multi-window, this gives user option to resize and drag the application on anywhere on the phone screen.

Notification dots works more like a 3D touch that is found on Apple 6S and onwards. A small dot appears on the right corner of the app icon, upon pressing the icon, one can glance the notification as a pop-up window and if you want to clear them, just swipe away.

Google Play Protect acts like a built-in malware scanner on your phone, that scans for weirdly acting apps. The Google Play Protect will also scan over more than 50 billion apps per day to keep the user safe.

The Android Oreo now comes with the new algorithm, that can extend the battery on your smartphone (this feature will be auto-enabled).

Google adds more emoji into its GBoard (Google keyboard app) so, you can express just by sending an emoji rather than typing a long text.

There are few more features like Accessibility buttonAccessibility volumeAdaptive iconsAmbient screenBackground execution limitsBackground location limitsDeep colourDownloadable fontsInstall unknown appsIntegrated printing supportLinkable filesNative C/C++ API for high-performance audioNotification categoriesNotification snoozingNotification snoozingProject TrebleTextView autosizingTooltips and Wi-Fi Assistant. A developer can take advantage of these features when he is making an App for Android Oreo or higher version.