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Android P to automatically crash unresponsive apps

Android P

Android P will work like a treasure trove when it comes to major and minor updates. The new Android version will bring a good mix of security features and improved quality. Whenever any app on the device stops responding, Android sends a notification that states the app is not responding. Furthermore, it also asks the user if they would like to wait for the app to respond or kill it. Now, this is also going to change with the coming of the successor of Android Oreo.

What will happen in Android P if the app becomes unresponsive:

In the newer version of Android i.e, Android P, the application will crash without any notification to the user. This feature is not necessarily a benefit to users. However, this feature will force developers to pay more attention towards the problem that may cause the crashing of the app and also make sure that the issue is resolved.

This new change will not affect users much. However, they may be under the impression that the apps are crashing less often. Now the developers will have to be extra vigilant due to the notifications being less visible and have to keep an eye out for their crash tools such as Firebase crash reporting and not direct user feedback. The new feature will also provide users option to bring back these crash dialogues. Users can easily do this by just by enabling a setting in Developer Options. Android P will introduce a lot of changes regarding the visibility of what apps are doing in the background.

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