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Apple iPhone X complete teardown shows two batteries with four pull taps

Apple iPhone X repairability guide shows that the phone offers dual cell battery with 3 GB RAM and Qualcomm X16 LTE modem.

In the early smartphone days, we have seen phones with 2 batteries and 4 SIM card slots, however, in the last few years, no major smartphone company adopted this technique, instead, they went with a bigger battery which offers large capacity straight out of the box. Here is the latest breakdown from Apple.

The Apple iPhone X is not only different on the outside, but, it is very different from the inside. According to the video posted by the smartphone reliability guide channel, the iPhone X scores 6 points out of 10 (which is a great score compared to the other flagship smartphones of this year). Here is the complete analysis of the same.

The iPhone X features two screws on the bottom (around the USB type C port). After removing those screws, one needs to apply a larger amount of heat to soften the adhesive, after that using suction cup the display and the back case can be easily separated.

After removing the display, one can see the L shaped battery (two batteries connected in L shape) with 2716 mAh Li-ion battery with fast charging and Qi-based wireless charging capability.

Everything on the Apple iPhone X is modular and makes it easy for the reliability. The True depth sensor is located on the top of the main frame which is capable of projecting 30,000 infrared dots on the face to detect the users face and confirm the same with the existing data storage inside the chip.

The motherboard used on this smartphone is 70 percent smaller than that of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus. The company uses a sandwich design to incorporate every small chip on the motherboard. The motherboard houses a 64 GB Toshiba supplied flash unit, 3 GB LPDDR4x RAM manufactured by SK Hynix and Qualcomm’s X16 LTE modem for the high-speed LTE capabilities.

Though the reliability of the Apple iPhone X is quite easy, it doesn’t come cheap, one has to spend at least $299 to replace the display and $539 for any other repairs (if you break back glass). So, are you planning to buy Apple iPhone X? Share your views in the comments below.

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