Apple releases college mentorship program for students; check details

Apple has recently introduced a new mentorship program known as [email protected] for first-generation college students. The program is initially open for students who are majoring in accounts and economics and subjects that are related to business and mathematics. The course has been designed for sophomores and freshmen.

According to a report by MacRumours, during the mentorship, Apple matches college students with Apple employees who act as mentors to the studies. The mentors give resources for learning and give opportunities to students for professional growth. The mentorship comes with the possibility of paid externships, internships and job shadowing.

According to Apple, it matches students one-on-one with Apple mentors and provides resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth. The launch will mainly put focus on essentials for managing and then excel in school and work. Opportunities for job shadowing and paid externships and paid internships might also be available for Launch participants.

Apple Mentorship Program for First Gen College Students Kicks Off by Early 2021: How to Apply | Tech Times
Image Source : Tech Times

Apple has remained discreet regarding the [email protected] program, so many people are not aware of it. But, last week, a Linkedin post mentioned the program and was also featured at Myhealthyapple. Logan Kilpatrick, who is an Apple engineer has tweeted regarding the mentorship program from the Twitter handle. The mentorship will officially open for admission from early 2021. Interested students send an email to [email protected] by Friday, 8th January, 2021.

To enroll for this program, the applicant must be in the first or second year of college. The students must study finance, economics, accounting or similar discipline related to business, mathematics, commerce or data analytics. The person should be keen to work in finance in a fast-paced and innovative environment. Students must share their details on the school, GPA, resume and questions like why they should be accepted in the mail application.

Apple has launched this program because it will help the company to find young talent from various universities and also provide a platform to the students who are keen to work with one of the leading companies. Apple has not shared much more details about the program so it is not clear if the program will be launched outside United States. The details will be shared once there is a confirmation from Apple.

The course is somewhere same like Google’s summer of the code internship program and Amazon’s mentorship program for Arts and Science majors. The course has been designed in collaboration with the University of Washington.