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Apple rolls out New iOS 11.3 update : Check complete details!

Latest iOS 11.3 update

Finally, Apple is back with its much-anticipated update. Yes, you read it right. The tech giant Apple released iOS 11.3 update on Thursday. There were many doubts why 11.3 is much looked for than rumored iOS 12. Despite being a simple dot update, this time company has seriously included a feature that iPhone users have been waiting for: a simple way to disable Apple’s automatic iPhone throttling on devices with older batteries.

A few months before, there was news that Apple had been secretly limiting performance on older iPhone models with batteries that aren’t able to give the maximum performance or has degraded to a certain point. This whole concept rolled out last year and is centered around as an effort to prevent untimely iPhone shutdown with degraded battery. Who can forget that “30% bug”? There were also rumors that Apple did everything in a planned conspiracy without telling its customers to maximize its sales, so as to switch the users from older devices to buy new ones. According to general statements from Apple, this whole thing is scheduled to stop phones from shutting down rather than force upgrades.

The much-talked highlight about additions to Apple’s mobile software in iOS 11.3 is new battery health feature and the ability to disable throttling. The other buzzing feature about the new update is the addition of four new Animoji characters — lion, bear, dragon, and skull. This update also includes the addition of notifications when iOS wants to access your personal data and requires permissions. So here is the list of new features rolled out with this latest update.

Speed and performance improvements

If you’re an iPhone user and have an older iPhone you must be aware of the fact that when you disable Apple’s throttling feature, you can witness huge improvements when UI speed and overall performance are concerned. For an instance, these days phones are packed with Lithium-Ion batteries which lose capacity over time as they go through more and more charge cycles.Once these batteries reach a certain point of charging cycle, earlier versions of iOS itself throttle performance to counterpart the shutdown bug that was a problem of great concern for all the users and was actually driving them crazy.These affected phones would remain throttled until the degraded battery was replaced and this is the same reason why Apple showed a decline in the price of its battery swap program as a gesture of mea culpa. To provide the solution to the same, the tech giant has included a major feature in the latest update.The latest iOS 11.3 update permits the user to disable throttling so their older models of iPhone are no longer slowed down.

The other highlight of this update is that RAM management also appears to have been improved in iOS 11.3, which is also a segment of every user’s interest.

Since the day of release, iOS 11 has been continuously facing some serious RAM management issues.There’s a complete list of real-life speed tests YouTubers love to perform where iPhones will easily win against other latest flagships. Lately, iPhones have been continuously losing the battles because of this RAM mismanagement issues.It was also noticed that apps that should remain stranded or “frozen” in the background were itself being closed when new apps were opened because there wasn’t enough RAM available to store their instances.

It is still early to make any comments on the change in performance with the latest update but my own initial testing gives me the idea that Apple has tried to solve this RAM management issues and surely made some much-needed improvements.In my very own testing, I have found that apps often remain stranded in the background in cases where they would have been previously closed forcefully. Thus, switching around from one app to another is far quicker now than it was in any of the earlier versions of the iOS 11. This is one of the biggest highlights of the complete iOS 11.3 updates..

Augmented Reality enhancements

In recent times, ARKit has managed to kindle a lot of buzz in the market but not many users noticed the enhancements rolled out by Apple as introduced in iOS 11.3. Here’s a list of the relevant notes offered from the iOS 11.3 changelog:

  • Newly opted ARKit 1.5 permits, developers, to place virtual objects on vertical surfaces along with horizontal surfaces. Thus, widening the scope to walls and doors.
  • It extends the support for the detection and integration of images such as movie posters or works and gathers augmented reality experiences.
  • To capture the real-world view and perceive it through the camera resolution as part of the augmented reality experience which  offers more clarity.

The whole enhancement thing provides the developers an opportunity to avail countless things and features. For someone like me who always failed in engineering drawing and with a horrible eye for visualizing decor this feature turns out to be a boon and I personally can’t wait for good apps in the Store to see what different masterpieces and paintings will actually look like on my walls.

App review sorting

This feature isn’t suited too many as a change of big significance but it actually works. We all are aware of the fact that customer reviews in App Store are really bad. People get frustrated over small and tacky things or over the things which they don’t understand (something that should be obvious), so all they do is to land on the app store and leave a 1-Star rating in the review section. In iOS 11.3 this feature enables the people to sort app reviews and weed out the junk and meaningless reviews, or more precisely find the ones that are actually useful. The changelog of the latest update states this as: Here are four options that now allow you to sort the available customer reviews on the product pages- the most useful, the most favorable, the most critical or the most recent.

Username and passwords Autofill in apps

Another noticeable change is: in older versions of iOS11, only Safari(web browser) could store all the usernames and passwords to autofill them on websites when required or where users need to log in. After many updates, this option is finally available in apps, as per the note reads from the iOS 11.3 changelog which states: Automatic filling of usernames and passwords is now available in apps’ web views.

End of the auto-correct capitalization bug

Last but not the least, this one is actually my personal favorite, because this bug is something which has bothered me always. A bug which might have been in the iOS since the very beginning. This is quite visible when you’re typing messages and you make a spelling mistake that auto-correct didn’t catch. So whenever you opt for pressing the backspace button a bunch of times to clear the query, when you’re finished doing the same and delete the first letter of the word, iOS would automatically enable the caps button. This whole thing is done without the user’s intervention even though the word user deleted didn’t start with a capital letter. Thereafter, whenever you initiate to type again, the first letter is itself capitalized.

This whole thing was quite annoying and finally is fixed with this update.

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