Apple’s Engineer fired for the daughter’s small mistake

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When you lose a high profile job just because of your daughter’s mistake makes you feel sad, isn’t it? The same thing has happened in a real-life scenario in the United States of America. As we know for a fact that, Apple engineers are the first set of people to enjoy the latest and greatest technology before the world.

Actual incident:

Just like many Vloggers these days, Brooke Amelia Peterson posted 300 seconds long video which comprises of shopping for makeup and clothes in the silicon valley. However, in the end of the video, she visited her father in Apple Campus Cupertino for the dinner. When they were savouring the Pizza in the cafeteria, Amelia’s dad handed over his unreleased Apple iPhone X to test. In a time frame of 45 seconds, she showcased design, UI elements and camera module.

Soon after the video went live, it became viral and many blogging websites called it, the best in action Apple iPhone X till date, which also went into the notice of Apple. Then Amelia was approached by Apple to take down the video, and she just did just like they said. However, the mistake was already done and, before she can do anything, his father was fired from the job.

Here are the official comments about the incident from Amelia:

“At the end of the day, when you work for Apple it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are,”

“If you break a rule, they just have no tolerance. They had to do what they had to do.”

On a later video, she said that her dad apologizes for the mistake he has committed and “takes full responsibility for the one rule that he broke.” She also said that  “ she made this video for fun because She loves making YouTube videos” and She is not going to stop buying Apple products, even though they had fired his dad.

So, what do you think about this incident? Is Apple did a right job to protect company’s privacy? Share your views in the comments below.