Assistant Launcher shortcut now showing up for some users

Assistant Launcher

Users have not been able to install a particular launcher shortcut for Google Assistant from the Play Store. This feature was being missed by many users for a while now. But now it seems that Google is trying to rectify it. But for a while now, the Google Assistant Launcher app is now available on the Play Store. According to some reports from various users, it seems that the icon for Assistant Launcher is now showing up unexpectedly for many users also. The app icon is now unexpectedly appearing in the launcher screen for many users who have not installed it from Play Store.

More about Assistant Launcher:

Google Assistant has not technically its own application. The functionality of the Assistant comes built into the Google app. The Google Assistant app listing on the Play Store now just installs a shortcut to that functionality. This new decision by Google to now enable the Assistant app shortcut on the devices that already have access to Assistant will increase the visibility of Google Assistant now. This move will also extend the use of Google Assistant.


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