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Java is a general-purpose computer programming language and computing platform. It was firstly released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Currently, there are a lot of applications and websites that are running on it. There are also some applications that will not work until Java is available on user’s system. Many more applications and websites are created every day using this programming language. It is a fast, secure and very reliable programming language. It has its application from laptops to data centers, gaming consoles to scientific supercomputers, from cell phones to the Internet.

More about the Java programming language:

It has a very strong support for web development. Java is also an example of an object-oriented language just like the C++However, the main motive and idea behind its design were to simplify or eliminate some features that cause common programming errors in C++. The java compiler converts the source code files (files with a .java extension) into the bytecode format(files with a .class extension). Then the java interpreter executes this file and user gets the output.

Download Java Development Kit

The java interpreter and the runtime environments are known as the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). After the compiler successfully compiles the source code, the JVM runs the code on most of the computers. JVM is a cross-platform software and is available for most of the Operating Systems. It is available under the name of Java Development Kit (JDK). JDK is available for UNIX, the Macintosh OS, and Windows. Using the just-in-time compiler (JIT), a programmer can convert the Bytecode directly into machine language instructions. Since 2007 most of the Java technologies are available under the GNU General Public License.

Practicing Java coding using the websites:

Now, there are lots of ways that a programmer can use for learning and practicing Java coding. There are text editors, IDEand many more such platforms that programmers can use to practice java. There are also some websites that help programmers to learn and practice Java coding online. Most of these websites offer free tutorials, so users don’t need to worry about the amount. One of the best way to learn java and to improve the coding skill of a programmer while learning is to solve more and more coding challenges.

Solving different types of challenges and practices will help the programmer to become a better problem solver. It will also help the programmer to learn more details about it. The IT professionals can also prepare for their job interviews by practicing coding on the websites. So, here is a list of 10 Best websites for learning Java programming online. However, I will like to suggest to readers that they shall refer to most of the websites to find the best website for their learning. is probably one of the most popular and widely used websites in the programming world. The website includes millions of good questions and answers regarding any programming language. Since learning any programming language often relies on code examples, StackOverflow provides a lot of code segments where programmers can get code examples on various topics.

One of the best parts about Stackoverflow is that it is social. It has lots of communities that, after getting active, allows programmers to gain access to all the questions and answers available on the website. The website also teaches programmers various techniques and tricks that they will never learn anywhere else.


Github is the next website on our list of 10 Best Websites. Most of the programmers may be knowing that they can host their projects free on the website. However, very few of them may be knowing that it is an excellent resource for learning about Java libraries and frameworks. If the programmer wants to learn about a particular framework, they just have to search for it on the website. The programmer will find various open source projects that will help them to understand the framework.




The next website on our list of 10 Best websites for learning java programming online is Coursera. Coursera will undoubtedly the best website for video lectures. The programmer will find a lot of good computer science courses videos on the website. These videos are from famous professors of top schools and colleges. Some of these videos are even from the inventors of some computer science areas.



Udacity is also one of the most popular and widely used websites for learning Java online. Udacity also contains tutorials about almost every available programming language. The contents available on the website are freely available to all the programmers. These courses are made to fit for absolute beginners. These courses will not just help the java beginners, but they will also help programming beginners also. The courses available on Udacity will offer beginners with a solid basis in computer science and Object Oriented Programming concepts.


Code Academy

The next website on our list is the Code AcademyCode Academy is also a free, online learning center that provides tutorials for all things programming. It contains lessons on almost every programming language and also on a variety of other topics. The best part about the website is that it allows the learners to write code directly on the browser. This will allow them to read and implement the codes at the same time. This will be very useful to the learners as they don’t have to setup a development environment for practice exercises.



Udemy is the next website on our list of 10 Best Websites. It is one of the most popular online platforms for learning any programming language including Java. The Java Programming for Beginners course of the Udemy is best for every programmer who needs to build a sound foundation in Java. The courses on Udemy comes together with working files that are split into 14 different sections. The courses on Udemy are made especially for the beginners for high-quality Java training.



TutorialsPoint is the next website on our list of 10 Best websites for learning Java. It also offers free tutorials and also offers programmers the option to test their codes directly in a browser window. The website also offers one of the most comprehensive tutorials for beginners programmers. TutorialsPoint will take the programmers from the basic and beginner stage of the language to the expert level tasks. The website also includes tutorials about how to set up a Java development environment and writing basic syntax. TutorialsPoint also includes tutorials about working with variables, operators and loops, and much more.




W3Resources is the next website on our list of 10 Best websites for learning Java. The tutorials available on the site will give very helpful learning information to the programmers. These tutorials also include various strong examples relating to the programming language. There are also various types of exercises available for the programmers to test their skills. The website will be very helpful to the programmers in learning fundamental and advanced concepts of the language.


Java Beginners Tutorial

This website is also one of the best available websites for learning Java programming online. It will help the beginners in learning Java. There are three different sections of the website. The first section will help the programmers in learning the fundamentals of Core Java. In the next section of the website, the programmers can learn with the help of examples to implement the concept. Finally, the third section will help the programmer to go through the concepts learned in the first and second part.

Java Beginners Tutorial


The last website on our list of 10 Best Websites is Studytonight. Studytonight provides explained lessons for almost every topic of the programming language. The websites also provide some tests relating to the topics that the programmer is learning. It is a very good tutorial for Java that will provide topic wise examples to the programmers.



Java Tutoring is considered to be one of the best Java Programming websites. Unlike others, Java Tutoring mainly focuses on Programs.
As per the site, it contains more than 1000+ programs till date. The intriguing part about Java Tutoring is each and every program has been solved in more than one ways.
The multiple number of approaches in tackling the programs would help the learners in understanding the core or the logic behind each task. The output for all the programs being the same, it gives a new outlook to the learners, enabling them to think for the solution differently, not only for Java, but in general as well – Visit Java Programs.
Online website offers more programming comfort-ability to the programmers. These websites are also very easy to use. A user has to just open the website, create an account on the website. After that, they can start learning by just signing on the website. Also, some of these websites provide different varieties of challenges to the programmers. So, I hope that the readers will find this article useful for themselves in selecting the best website for learning Java programming online.
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  1. For those who are interested in learning Java, I can recommend CodeGym platform. The project is young, guys made a product release in the summer of 2018. The course is free and consists of 4 quests. Each quest consists of 10 levels. 2 of 4 quests are still under development. Now you can complete the quests Java Syntax and Java Core. The course is aimed at beginners and contains a large number of tasks. After you have written a solution to the problem, you send it to the server for verification. In a few seconds, you will see detailed test results. There are elements of gamification in the course. The goal is to pump your character to the maximum level. For solving problems you will receive dark matter. With the help of matter, you can open new lectures and tasks. The guys from CodeGym say that for the time being they will develop a course in Java and in the near future there will be no courses in other languages. It’s sad, I would like to see a course on Python.

  2. For developers looking for a great IDE platform to build their applications and manage their codes, Eclipse should be a great place to start… Eclipse is a popular Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


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