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Top 10 best websites to practice Java coding for beginners, expert programmers


Java is a general-purpose computer programming language and computing platform. It was firstly released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Currently, there are a lot of applications and websites that are running on it. There are also some applications that will not work until Java is available on user’s system. Many more applications and websites are created every day using this programming language. It is a fast, secure and very reliable programming language. It has its application from laptops to data centers, gaming consoles to scientific supercomputers, from cell phones to the Internet.

More about the Java programming language:

It has a very strong support for web development. Java is also an example of an object-oriented language just like the C++However, the main motive and idea behind its design were to simplify or eliminate some features that cause common programming errors in C++. The java compiler converts the source code files (files with a .java extension) into the bytecode format(files with a .class extension). Then the java interpreter executes this file and user gets the output.

The java interpreter and the runtime environments are known as the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). After the compiler successfully compiles the source code, the JVM runs the code on most of the computers. JVM is a cross-platform software and is available for most of the Operating Systems. It is available under the name of Java Development Kit (JDK). JDK is available for UNIX, the Macintosh OS, and Windows. Using the just-in-time compiler (JIT), a programmer can convert the Bytecode directly into machine language instructions. Since 2007 most of the Java technologies are available under the GNU General Public License.

Practicing Java coding using the websites:

Now, there are lots of ways that a programmer can use for practicing Java coding. There are text editors, IDEand many more such platforms. There are also some websites that help programmers to practice Java coding online. One of the best way to improve the coding skill of a programmer while learning is to solve more and more coding challenges.

Solving different types of challenges and practices will help the programmer to become a better problem solver. It will also help the programmer to learn more details about it. The IT professionals can also prepare for their job interviews by practicing coding on the websites. As most of the big IT companies use these online coding platforms to check programmers skills. It will also help the programmers to learn new algorithms and use them to solve a problem.

So, here is a list of 10 Best and popular coding websites for programmers to practice Java coding.

1. TopCoder

TopCoder LogoTopCoder is the first website on our list of 10 Best websites for practicing coding. It is also one of the first and original platforms for competitive programming online. The website provides a list of algorithmic challenges to the user for practicing. The programmer can complete these challenges on their own directly using the website’s code editor.

TopCoder Website

The website also offers the popular Single Round Matches few times in a month at a specific time. Using these matches, a programmer can compete with other programmers around the globe to solve challenges fastest to get the best score.

2. Coderbyte

Coderbyte LogoCoderbyte is the next website on our list of 10 Best websites for coding practice. It provides more than 200+ coding challenges to the programmers. A programmer can directly solve these coding challenges online in any of the 10 programming languages that the website offers. Coderbyte also allows the programmers to select the challenge difficulty according to their convenience. The programmer can start from the easiest challenge (finding the largest word in a string) to hard challenge (print the maximum cardinality matching of a graph).

Coderbyte Website

The website also provides a collection of algorithm tutorial to the programmers. It also contains some introductory videos that programmer can use to know more about Java. Coderbyte also provides some interview preparation courses for job seeking programmers. The website also allows programmers to view the solution that other users provide for any particular challenge.

3. HackerRank

HackerRank LogoHackerRank is also one of the widely used websites for practicing Java coding online. HackerRank provides several different types of challenges to the programmers. The challenges are from several different domains such as Algorithms, Mathematics, SQL, Functional Programming, AI, and more. It also allows the programmer to solve these challenges directly online. The website also provides a discussion and leaderboard for every challenge where programmers can discuss the challenge. The leaderboard provides the list of those programmers who solves the challenge fastest.

HackerRank ChallengesAlso, most of these challenges contain an editorial that provides more information about the challenge. It also explains how the programmer has to approach in order to solve the challenge. The programmers can also view the solution of the other users on the website. HackerRank also allows users to submit applications and apply for jobs by solving some company-sponsored coding challenges.

4. CodeChef

CodeChef LogoThe next website on the list of 10 Best websites for practicing coding online is CodeChef. CodeChef is an Indian-based competitive programming website that provides more than hundred challenges to the programmers. Like most of the websites on the list, it also allows programmers to write code in its online editor.

CodeChef Website

CodeChef also provides a collection of challenges to the programmers separated into different categories. A programmer can choose any of the categories depending on their skill level. CodeChef has a large community of coders that contribute to various forums of the website. There are also tutorials available on the website by the coders.

5. Project Euler

Project Euler is also one of the best websites to practice online coding. It contains a large collection of challenges that a programmer can solve. These challenges are mainly in the domain of computer science and mathematics. In most of the challenges, the user has to write a small program to get the solution of a mathematical formula or an equation.

Project Euler

6. Codewars

Codewars LogoCodewars is also one of the best websites for practicing Java coding online. Codewars provides a large collection of coding challenges that a programmer can solve. These challenges are submitted and edited by the community members of Codewars. It also allows the programmers to solve the challenges directly online in the editor. Programmers can also select any language from the list of several languages.

Codewars website

7. CodinGame

CodinGame LogoCodinGame is the next website on the list of 10 Best websites for practicing Java coding online. It is a bit different from most of the other websites on the list. In CodinGame instead of simply just solving the coding challenges using an editor, the programmer has to actually take part in writing the codes for a game that user can play directly online. The programmer will see a list of games on the website and they can select one from the list. These games come with a problem description, some test cases, and also an editor where the programmer has to write the code. It also offers support of more than 20+ programming languages. So, the programmer can select any of these languages to code on.

CodinGame Challenge

8. CodeEval

CodeEval LogoThe next website on the list is CodeEval. CodeEval is just like the HackerRank as it also provides a collection of company-sponsored coding challenges to the programmers. These challenges can help the programmers to get a job if the programmer can solve all the challenges. The website also allows companies to create various challenges and host some competitions through it to recruit new developers for work.

CodeEval Challenges


SPOJ LogoSphere Online Judge (SPOJ) is also an online website that programmers can use to practice Java coding online. It provides more than 20 thousand coding challenges to the programmers. Like most of the online websites, it also allows programmers to submit their code in an online editor. Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) also hosts some contests. It also has an area where the programmers can discuss the coding challenges of the website. However, unlike most of the websites, SPOJ currently does not provides any official solution for a particular challenge.

SPOJ Website

10. LeetCode

LeetCode LogoLeetCode is also one of the popular and widely used website for practicing Java coding online. It is just like an Online Judge that provides more than 190+ challenges to the programmers. These challenges help the IT professionals to prepare for technical job interviews. Just like most of the websites, LeetCode also allows programmers to solve the given challenge directly on the website. The website allows the programmers to choose any of the 9 programming languages for practicing the coding. Although, the website does not allows programmers to view the solutions of other users, but the programmer can get the statistics for their own solution.

LeetCode Coding Environment

Online website offers more programming comfort-ability to the programmers. These websites are also very easy to use. A user has to just open the website, create an account on the website. After that, they can start coding by just signing on the website. Also, the websites provide different varieties of challenges to the programmers. So, I hope that the readers will find this article useful for themselves in selecting the best website for practicing Java coding online.

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    Which of the mentioned website (or websites) would you recommend for someone interested in getting a job as a Java programmer / developer?

    I feel there are too many options. I think I will have to stick with one (max two) if I want to make some progress and have a chance.

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