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BlackBerry Key2 : Review, Specifications, Features & Price

Like Keyone, BlackBerry 2 does not have special Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel2 or OnePlus 6: It comes back in the days of BB’s glory but removes proprietary software for Android. This handset is very different from every other Android phone.

It instantly makes it a strange device if you are used to interacting with the phone completely through the touchscreen, then being forced on the physical keyboard is almost an unnatural experience. But if you are a fan of Keon, or even want to knock it, then this device may be for you.

BlackBerry Key2-Design:

KeyOne was a brute of a phone: thick, heavy and hard to catch. With 2, Blackberry Mobile placed the device on the diet and gave it a very necessary change. It is thin, light and less scary than before, but without losing that classic blackberry identity.


Instead of playing sharp lines and corners, the key of Key 2 is less curved. Flat sides make it easy to catch and weight loss is welcome – it feels more comfortable in hand. Instead of switching to the very least durable glass coating seen in the majority of the flagship phone in 2018, the blackberry sticks behind the rubber plastic cover. This is the message that Blackberry is trying to express here; This device is not shiny; It’s functional.

The keyboard key2 clearly has a star of the show, and it’s a big improvement on KeyOne. The keys are 20% big, instead of the shiny one is a great gripper matte coating and generally looks great for typing.

BlackBerry Key2-Screen:

Key2’s same as the 4.5-inch 1080 x 1620 display KeyOne. It has a nice, fast and bright display with decent color reproduction and excellent viewing angles. Black levels are also good, even if it is an LCD screen instead of the OLED.

Source: Digital Trends

Due to the fact that the keyboard sits under the screen, this phone is used very much in portrait mode. This is not a device to watch YouTube videos in this scenario, it can be expected, but it is still noticeable.

Below the screen is the normal array of three Android navigation keys. Instead of being on the screen, because they are other Android phones, they are physically capacitive keys that light up when necessary.

BlackBerry Key2-Performance:

Unlike Snapdragon 845, you will find OnePlus 6 and LG G7 (two phones at an equivalent / affordable price), the house of 2 snapdragons 660. With a 6 GB RAM – a good collision with 3 GB in KeyOne – and a 64 GB storage.

source; TrustedReviews

Switching between apps using the speed key is instantaneous and, clearly, BlackBerry has optimized the software well.

Due to the presence of the keyboard is not primarily the best phone for gaming, but it can still be a lot of what you want to find in the Play Store. However, when you play more intensive titles such as Pubg or Asphalt 8, you will see a bit more loading time and weird dropped frames.

BlackBerry Key2-Software:

Blackberry Mobile has still added a lot of Android experience, which should be familiar with the rising fans of the growing series. Shortcuts are built at the system level and it is easy to customize, while the Blackberry Hub adds all your messaging and email platforms to the same inbox. Most changes are made with productivity in the brain, shortening the tasks which can take several steps.

Blackberry’s attention can also be seen in business and security. The DTE app has features on previous devices, and it looks once again, to find out how safe your phone is. It will suggest how to make it more secure – for example, adding a longer passcode.

BlackBerry key2-camera:

I think it is safe to believe that some people have already bought BlackBerry devices for their cameras. When KeyOne was launched, most sensors are the same unit that is shown in pixels, and it can be true, images have been taken far from Google’s then-flagship.

With the launch of Key 2, there was a remarkable upgrade. The biggest difference is that there are now two 12 megapixel sensors instead of one, the second acts as a telephoto zoom. With a brief F / 2.6 on telephoto, there is an F / 1.8 aperture on the main camera.

source: Daily Mail

While there was a decline in situations in the camera, where auto-HDR super-bright shots were often used to waste large amounts of brightness and blurred colors, while the views of different shining points also looked bad. Photos of low light remain in the area of dilution, with a strong yellow ting and lots of noise details.

Blackberry key2-battery life:

There are several factors that help Key2 affect your battery life. The unit itself is very large at 3500 mAh, while Snapdragon 660 leaves the best performance for endurance. It has also helped by a screen which is less than the competition.

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