How to change page layout to landscape in portrait MS Word Document

Microsoft Word or Word is a word processing tool developed by Microsoft. The word processor was firstly released on October 25, 1983. Initially, it was known as Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. Later on, some other versions were released for other platforms. These platforms mainly include IBM PCs that was running on DOS in 1983, Apple Macintosh running the classic Mac OS in 1985 and later on more Operating Systems. Microsoft Word allows users to create Word Document in both landscape and portrait mode.

While writing a document in Word users will find that it is by default portrait-oriented. Sometimes, users may want to include one or more landscape pages in their document. However, users cannot just convert a single page to landscape mode. Word’s page layout feature will apply to the whole document rather than one or two pages.

So, here is a tutorial that will help users to create a landscape page in a portrait oriented document.

Steps to convert a page from portrait oriented Word Document to landscape mode

Step I: At first user will need to create a separate section in the document. Then the user will have to change the page layout for that particular section to landscape orientation. In order to do so, the user should place the cursor at the end of the page just before that page which user wants to convert to landscape mode.

Selecting the section

Step II: Next user should switch the tab to Layout tab on the Word ribbon.

Switch to Layout tab

Step III: From the Layout tab click on the Breaks button. Then a drop-down menu will appear. From the drop-down menu select the Next Page option.

Select the Next Page option

Step IV: This will create a section break where the user has placed the cursor. This will also start the user’s new section on the next page. Users will see an extra space at the top of the page that they want to re-orient to the landscape mode.

New Section Created

Step V: Now the user will see the cursor at the top of the page in the new section. It will be the same page that user wants to change to the landscape mode.

Cursor Position

Step VI: After that again select the Layout tab. Then from the available options select the Orientation option. From the drop-down menu that appears click on the Landscape option.

Select Landscape

Now, it will successfully switch the new section created by the user to the landscape mode. However, scrolling further to other pages of the document user will find that the all the pages following that section are now in the landscape mode. So, now the user will need to create a new section break and then convert rest of the section to the portrait mode.

It is not a very tough process to convert a page in portrait orientation document to landscape mode. A user will just need right guidance to do it. So, I hope that readers will find this tutorial helpful in converting a page in portrait oriented Word Document to landscape mode.


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