E3 2018 – List of major announcements from world’s largest gaming convention

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E3 2018 was held from June 12 to 14 in Los Angeles.

The world’s biggest names in gaming presented their latest innovations, in what is the world’s largest gaming convention. Major studios like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Bethesda, Ubisoft, EA, and CD Projekt Red made some major announcements about their upcoming games and updates on their consoles.

Some of the major announcements that were made in the convention by the Various Game Studios were –


Super Smash Bros – Ultimate
  • “Fortnite – Battle Royale” has been launched on the Nintendo Switch.
  • A much-anticipated launch “Super Smash Bros. – Ultimate” was also announced. The game will Include every single character that has been a part of this Mascot-filled series, as well as non-Nintendo characters such as Sonic, Pac-Man, and Snake(from the Metal Gear Solid Series).
  • A small look of Pokemon – Let’s Go was also displayed.


Death Stranding

A Trailer and gameplay video of “The Last of Us 2”, the sequel to The Last of Us, a critically and commercially successful game by Naughty Dog Studios was shown at the E3 Playstation expo by Sony.

  • “Death Stranding” a highly anticipated game by Hideo Kojima, which already had a lot of buzz around it, and the new trailer only served to increase them.
  • “Ghost of Tsushima” came out with an artful trailer and gameplay video showing the various aspects of the game and the importance of stealth in gameplay.
  • The “Marvel’s Spider-Man” Trailer gave us a stunning display of the gameplay it provided.
  • “Call of Duty- Black Ops” was announced free to play on the PlayStation.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  • “Skull and Bones” got a new cinematic trailer, which shows the dark realism of the game in magnificent detail.
  • Beyond Good and Evil 2 got a new rollout trailer that is a sequel to the action of the first game, and the main character in the first game, Jade, returns this time too, seemingly as a villain.
  • Starlink-Battle for Atlas was announced to be launched on October 16 for PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.
  • Assassin’s Creed – Odyssey, another part of the franchise which has made a tradition of an annual release, had a trailer and gameplay show. Set in Ancient Greece, the player follows the adventures of either Alexios or Kassandra.


Fallout 76
  • Doom Eternal was announced in the Bethesda expo, as the sequel to the 2016 release of Doom.
  • Fallout 76, a highly anticipated game among gamers was announced and set for launch on November 14. The game will be Online Multiplayer, but you will be able to play solo.
  • A short teaser clip, for the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls VI, was shown and was announced to be in development.
  • Its first new original franchise in 25 years,  Bethesda gave us a look of “Starfield”.
  • Launching itself on Mobile “Elder Scrolls-Blades” was announced for Mobile.


Xbox Expo
  • Xbox Announced a whopping total of 50 games, 18 of which are claimed to be exclusives. Xbox One Emulator is one of the announcements too.
  • Halo – Infinite was shown at the start of the expo but no further information was provided.
  • A “Kingdom Hearts 3” Show was displayed which merged with the “Frozen” Universe.
  • Forza Horizon 4 was shown in detail, with live Gameplay, and the look of racing through England.
  • Gears of War 5 was announced, a continuation of the Sci-fi franchise, and an Xbox Exclusive.
  • CD Projekt Red, seemingly hacking into the show, showed the trailer of their latest and most ambitious project “Cyberpunk 2077”.



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