The Elder Scrolls : Blades by Bethesda now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS

The Elder Scrolls : Blades

E3 2018 is yet to start, but several companies has already shown some of their products. Bethesda in an event announced The Elder Scrolls : Blades game. This game is the latest installment of the company’s flagship series of fantasy role playing games. Users can now also pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store.  This new free to play role playing game is set in the Elder Scroll universe. The same universe also includes Bethesda’s games such as Skyrim and Morrowind. The game will be launching on iPhone, iPad and Android devices soon. For now the players can signup to get access to an early beta version of Blades game. This beta version is used to test the game’s multiplayer functionality.

More about The Elder Scrolls : Blades:

The Elder Scrolls : Blades game is divided into three areas. These three areas are namely AbyssArena and Town. In the first area or mode Abyss the players have to fight their way through enemies. In this mode players have to fight with their enemies in hand to hand combat. Players also have to collect treasures using procedural generated maps. In the Arena mode, players have to fight with other players. This game-mode will make users feel they are playing the original Elder Scrolls games. The last game-mode Town is a story mode. In this game-mode players have to complete quests and customize their town to make it look good.

The gameplay of the game also allows players to play the game in either horizontal or landscape mode. According to the company, it will eventually also release the game for PC and consoles too. The game will also contain cloud-sync, so that players can play the game from any device and pick up where they left.


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