Google Clips camera adds some new features

Google Clips

Google Clips is an AI-powered smart camera by Google. The smart camera now just gets even smarter, according to an announcement by Google. Google reveals an improved functionality around the Clips ability to automatically capture specific moments. Now users can automatically capture moments like hugs and kisses or even jumps and dance moves. According to Google, it made some new improvements to the AI model of the smart camera. The new improvements will now allow Clips to recognize hugs, kisses, jumps, and even dance moves. Whether a user is dancing with their dog, or their child kissing the cat, Clips can now automatically recognize and capture these precious moments.

Whats more in new features for Google Clips:

Google Clips has also made some other updates. It now also includes an additional sharing option that will allow user’s device to connect to multiple phones. Each device can then also view and share content with each other or others over the internet. With the new update, Clips can finally now automatically trim clips based on camera movement. These additions will just improve the already interesting camera all the more interesting. Clips’ unique selling point is that it will now also uses artificial intelligence to shoot what it judges to be opportune moments.


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