Google India to double its cloud workforce this year

As the battle to dominate the growing cloud market in India intensifies, Google has announced its plans to double its workforce on cloud technologies. According to a top executive of Google India, Amazon and Microsoft have grown their dominance in the few years, especially in the cloud segment. The global internet giant looks to check that with more offerings for the Indian market.

Despite being highly untapped, the public cloud business is expected to grow at a rate of around 40% to become worth ₹11,650 Crore in 2017.

Mohit Pande, Google Cloud’s country head, in his statement, said that Google is building a go-to team in India which will work across technologies and segments. The increasing opportunity in the Indian market has given them a chance to double their workforce and the company will further look to increase the headcount. He, however, did not disclose the number of people working on the cloud team currently.

Over the years, Google has invested over ₹2,00,000 crores in building the infrastructure for its cloud technologies. Google has its data centres located in 10 locations and it plans to launch 7 more in the coming time. One of the upcoming data centres by Google will be located in India. On the other hand, other significant players in cloud technologies, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM already have their data centres in the country.

Talking further on this, Google’s India head stated that cloud market promises a big opportunity for the stakeholders in the coming time. According to him, less than 10% of the total workload has shifted to the cloud and with the endless possibilities, the market is set to boom in the coming years. Pande also added that Google sees India as one of the biggest potential markets and has been investing heavily in tech infrastructure, sales and marketing. He also added that Google plans to beat the competition with the help of its next-gen technology on machine learning and artificial intelligence.